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How to Pack & Move Small & Large Potted Indoor & Outdoor House Plants in Malibu, CA

Plants are beneficial to any home, and many people often invest a lot of years and time to care for these little achievements. Where many experts recommend gifting the plants to loved ones before a move, especially over a long distance, you can still take those beloved plants with that you are attached to. Today, we at Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to take the opportunity to share some suggestions for how to best move your plants.

Tips for Moving House Plants in Winter

Depending on what kind of plants you’re dealing with, dictates how you execute moving your plants. The process is fairly simple for most potted plants however outdoor plants or larger indoor plants can make things more complex.
Moving Small House Plants: Small plants are simple to move, as you just keep them in their current pots and place them in an open box for transport. To prevent the plants from moving around too much when you’re on the move, be sure to stuff the gaps with paper. Many moving companies cannot transport plants, so you will likely need to plan on moving them with you in your vehicle. Be sure to regulate the temperatures.
How to Move Large House Plants: Trim or prune first before you move them as larger plants need more prep. Wrap your plants in newspaper first to protect them and keep them warm should you move on a cold day. Because many plants are sensitive to temperatures, you need to try and keep it as stable as possible. On a long distance move, you’ll need to take care of them along the way. Bring them inside with you if you’re stopping overnight; basically, treat them as you would your pet. Avoid leaving them in the car because they can be subject to damage if the temperatures are too hot or too cold. You can also pay to have your plants shipped if you are worried about the trip, or simply do not have the room, but it can be pricey.
Packing & Moving Outdoor Plants. You need to consider this before you start the process, as outdoor plants can be a little trickier to move. Should the process get to be too complex, you may want to consider gifting them or leaving them with your old home. Trim back the larger plants before you leave. It will make them easier to transport and for a healthy regrowth at your new home. In order to make sure the roots and soil stay moist during the move, ensure they are well-watered before moving day. Making sure to leave lots of dirt around the roots and keep as much of the root as possible as you dig them up. The roots and dirt can be placed in paper bags for the smaller plants and it gives a batter chance to breathe as opposed to plastic bags. The root ball should be wrapped in burlap to hold everything together for your larger plants and shrubs. As long as they are kept watered and don’t get too hot, plants can stay wrapped like this for a few weeks. As plants can be quite sensitive to temperature changes, make sure to keep them in the shade during the move. You’ll want to replant everything as soon as possible once you arrive at the new home. They may take some time to adjust to the new soil after you plant them again, so keep in mind it might take weeks before they look luscious again.

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