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How to Protect, Wrap & Pack Wood Furniture in a Moving Truck in Los Angeles, CA

The logistics that are involved with moving can wreak havoc on your furniture. The last thing you want to find as you are unpacking your belongings is to see that all of your furniture is covered is scratches and dings from the process. The experts at Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to share some tips with our valued customers to help them protect their furniture during the moving process.

Use the Best Packing Materials & Supplies

Some people feel that the only thing you need when you move is extra blankets, boxes and some tape. If you use only these items you will likely find a bunch of ruined furniture when you get done. There are many supplies out there that can help in protecting your furniture and are well worth the money when you consider the damage that can be caused without them. Following are some of the essentials:
– Bubble Wrap
– Plastic Stretch Wrap
– Mattress Covers
– Sofa Covers
– Packing Paper

Dust Before Packing Wood Furniture for Moving

Don’t underestimate the power of dusting when you are getting ready to move. This can make it easier as you are unpacking to find that your furniture is ready to go and you aren’t faced with any cleaning while unpacking and getting settled. You should also remove any knobs and handles from your furniture that could get caught on doorways and scratch walls as well as the knob itself. Remove everything from any drawers to lighten the load as well.

Furniture Assembly & Disassembly

You will be able to fit much more in your moving truck when you dismantle your furniture before your move. If possible, remove the legs from tables as well as sofas. You should also break down bed frames completely. When you dismantle your furniture, it will be much easier to move down narrow hallways and through the doors to avoid damaging it.

Bubble or Shrink Wrap Wood Furniture for Moving

Plastic stretch wrap as well as bubble wrap will go a long way in protecting your furniture during your move. The plastic stretch wrap will keep it all tightly held together as well as put a layer of protection between your furniture and any boxes and other belongings found in the truck. Bubble wrap is the ultimate protection. If you have valuable furniture, be sure to wrap it to protect against the inevitable abuse it will take in the back of a truck.

Pack Smart for Moving

Putting thought into the way the truck is packed will offer your furniture valuable protection. It makes a difference when you think of the movement that takes place while in route. Have a plan for how you want your truck packed to protect valuable furniture.

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If you are worried about your furniture and belongings’ safety throughout your move, leave it up to the professionals at Prodigy Moving & Storage to ensure your furniture and other belongings make it to your new home unscathed. We will treat your belongings as our own. Call us today for all your moving needs within the State of California!