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What Items Cannot Be Moved By Movers in Norwalk, CA? Flammable Items, Hazardous Materials & More

When you are getting ready to make a move, you will likely be going through many of your belongings as you decide what you want to take with you and what you are wanting to leave behind. As you go through the boxes and boxes of stuff that you have accumulated over the years, it is important to keep in mind that there are certain items that a moving company will not move for you. Prodigy Moving & Storage is here to talk about items that are better either left behind or you need to make other arrangements for.


This may seem obvious, but most moving companies will not move pets for you. If you have pets that you love and are needing to take with you on your move, you will need to make room in your car for them. One thing you may want to look into if you are moving across state lines, are that state’s guidelines for what exotic pets are allowed and what regulations are in place for them.


Moving a living plant can be complicated. This is another area where state to state guidelines may be in place for what pets are allowed in that state. Some plants may require a special permit to move them across state lines. Some moving companies have a strict no plants policy because they can complicate even the simplest moves.

Engine-Operated Equipment

There are several moving companies that are willing to move engine-operated equipment like lawnmowers and pressure washers, but you will need to do some preparing in advance. Before moving day gets there, you will need to drain all of the fluids, including fuel, from the equipment. This should be done several days before so that they aren’t still dripping anything come moving day. Most moving companies aren’t willing to move equipment that will leak all over their truck.

Flammable, Corrosive & Hazardous Materials

There are many hazardous materials that moving companies aren’t able to move for legal reasons. These materials not only put the movers at risk but can be a risk for other people on the road. You can contact your moving company for a complete and detailed list of all the hazardous materials that they will not move for you. Here is a list of flammable, corrosive and hazardous materials that you will most likely need to leave behind.
– Pool chemicals
– Batteries containing acid
– Aerosol cans
– Paint remover
– Lighter fluid
– Charcoal
– Gasoline or kerosine
– Paint thinner

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These are just a few of the many things that moving companies will likely not move for you. As we mentioned above, if you are unsure about some of the items you are needing to move to your new location, you need to contact the professionals at Prodigy Moving & Storage for a complete list of those items. When you choose us to handle your move, we will treat your belongings like they are our own. Call us today!