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Can You Move a Piano Yourself in Paramount, CA? How Do Professionals Transport Pianos?

When you move all of your possessions to a new home there are so many things to think about. You have to go through all of the belongings and decide what you are getting rid of and what you are going to take with you. You have to decide what you are putting on the moving truck and what is going to stay with your family as your travel. There are certain items that are not a big deal to move but other items can be more nerve wracking because they are expensive or fragile items. If you have a piano you may be feeling nervous about moving it across the country. Your piano is probably one of the most expensive items in your home so feeling nervous about moving it is completely understandable. Today Prodigy Moving & Storage has some tips for you on how to successfully move your piano.

How Do Professionals Move Different Types of Pianos?

The first thing that you need to know is what type of instrument you have. Grand pianos and upright pianos both will have different needs when it comes to moving them. Grand pianos are much larger than upright pianos. They have a harp-shaped soundboard and normally have caster wheels on them. Grand pianos can weigh more than 1,200 pounds. Upright pianos are smaller and lighter than grand pianos. Upright pianos can weigh more than 400 pounds. Moving an upright piano is not as complicated because it can fit through a standard door opening. A grand piano takes more expertise because it cannot fit through a door without being taken apart.

How Hard is it to Move a Piano Yourself?

When moving a piano you will want to make sure that you have enough people to come and help you. It is recommended that you have at least three people to move an upright piano and a few more if you are moving a grand piano. Most pianos have caster on the legs. Casters are small, wheels that are on the bottom of the piano legs. People want to use these casters to move their piano but caster are not meant to support the full weight of the piano. You do not want to move the piano by rolling the casters. It is recommended that you take the legs off the piano or use a four-wheel piano dolly to move your piano. You will want to take precautions when moving a piano. First you will want to make sure that all other objects are out of the way before you begin moving the piano. You will want to cover your piano with non-slip blankets before you begin moving it. Secure the blanket with moving cords to protect the finish of your piano. Make sure that secure the piano in your moving truck. When you move your piano your piano will need to adjust to the new humidity and pressure in the atmosphere in your new city. You piano will become detuned as it settles. After you have the piano unloaded in your new home you will want to have it tuned.

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Even if you carefully follow all of the tips outlined above it can still be risky to move your piano on your own. Many piano owners will choose to have a professional moving company move their piano to avoid damaging their piano accidentally during the moving process. Prodigy Moving & Storage has plenty of experience moving pianos. Plus we are licensed and insured as well. If you need help moving a piano give us a call today!