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Commercial Moving Organizing Tips & Business Office Relocation Action Plan in Montebello, CA

There is quite a bit of planning that is involved in moving your business. There are a lot of arrangements that need to be made and though you have Prodigy Moving & Storage to help you with the moving essentials, there are quite a few details that get overlooked. Today, we at Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to take the opportunity to share some of the most forgotten things during a commercial move.

1) Update Business Listings when Moving Company

It is common for businesses to be lost to improper planning before a big move. You and your team need to change your listed location in all online and offline directories, especially if you have regular walk-in customers. A few examples of these directories include:
– Your website (though obvious many people forget).
– Yelp, Angie’s List, and other such online profiles.
– Social Media Channels.
– Industry-specific associations and directories.
– Google and other search engine maps and “places” pages.
– Any place online the business name and contact information appear.

2) Order New Business Cards & Marketing Materials with New Address

The piles of business cards, flyers, and newsletters that no longer reflect your correct address and phone number do not even need to be packed. You should make sure that your old marketing materials are recycled accordingly to prevent confusion as distributing old information is confusing and unprofessional. Businesses are more prepared when they have the essential marketing materials with your new address ahead of time, and leaving it packed away until you arrive at your new location.

3) Transferring Utilities when Moving

When done too close to the move-in date, it can cause a bit of chaos. With at least a month in advance, be sure to coordinate the utility shutdown of the old space and activate the new services in the new location. To ensure that your office is up and running in the event of a storm, malfunction, or some other kind of delay, allow the utility companies and internet service provider a week or two of buffer time.

4) Office Relocation Action Plan

Consider the floor plan planning before the move-in date. The floorplan of your office can make or break your stress levels during a move from poor planning on office furniture layout operations and assigned offices. For a smoother transition and getting use to the new commercial space, assign your office spaces with care, and be sure to place departments in close proximity to the most relevant office spaces.

5) Organize Your Office or Other Commercial Move

Well in advance to the move, have your new furniture, appliances, equipment, keys, and parking passes. It can be a highly stressful first day and having an employee missing a desk, or the opener not having a key, or other mishaps will only add to the frustration.

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When your business is moving locations, whether if it is relatively close or over a long-distance, Prodigy Moving & Storage has the experience and skills to ensure your commercial move is done methodically, safely, and efficiently. Call us today to discuss the details of your move.