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Moving House Between Christmas & New Year or During Hanukkah in Burbank, CA? Holiday Move Tips & More

Families, especially children, can feel anxious about the possibilities of a new home, scared of the unknown, and nervous of what lies ahead, though planning a long-distance move can be difficult and overwhelming for everyone. Your long-distance move may be made unpleasant when you have to move just before, during, or right around Christmas, New Year or Hanukkah. With this in mind, we at Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to share a few ideas to help you and your family keep the Holiday Spirit alive while engaged in your long-distance move.

Tips for Moving During the Busy Holidays

1) Decorate car for holiday moving. On the final day of moving, have small decorations that can be packed up in the car with you. Avoid complication and keep it humble yet satisfying, instead of pulling out every decoration you own. You can let the kids decorate the car or place the stockings behind the seats. Have the small décor ready to be set out when you get to your new home.
2) Take advantage of dining out when moving. When family and friends gather together, home cooked meals are always ideal. Treat yourself to dining out for the holidays and enjoy being pampered on for the holidays when you got a big move ahead of you and you keep little in the kitchen. Or, you can take up offers from others to host the meal so you can concentrate on packing. Just remember the food isn’t what is important, but the company you keep.
3) Keep close connections with family and friends when moving during holidays. Be sure to let the family and friends know the best way to contact you, since Christmas time is very family oriented and close friends like to keep in contact. Just let them know how the moving process is going and how to reach you to keep the connection, whether it is a new address, local phone number, or regular emails and social media accounts.
4) Travel with Christmas celebrations. Take the time to find a hotel/motel that are planning an elaborate holiday event or meal in the event Christmas Day is spent traveling to the new home. As opposed to the dull and mundane sterile lobby of the motel that is planning nothing special, a warmly festively decorated hotel lobby can still invite the holiday spirit.
5) Explore the area. The feeling that develops in spending Christmas in an unfamiliar territory can make one feel lonesome, even when surrounded by immediate family. As a new adventure to incorporate in the Christmas time move, explore the scenery find the local Christmas events and religious opportunities to celebrate.
6) Come up with new holiday traditions. Coming with new traditions can be an excellent time to do it with the fresh start. To make the move more fun and exciting for them, get the kids involved charge them coming with a new activity to incorporate with the Christmas traditions.

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