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Essential Packing & Moving Supplies Checklist in Pasadena, CA; Boxes, Paper, Bubble Wrap & More

If you are moving, the work that has to be done seems astronomical. You need to be able to get a new place to live while still caring for the house that you are in currently. You also want to make sure that you have a plan for packing, loading and moving. When you are ready to start the packing it is important to ensure that you have the correct products that are best to pack and move your house. Be sure that you have the supplies in hand and enough so that you don’t have to stop and go to the store in the middle of packing.

Prodigy Moving & Storage Lists Things You Need when Packing to Move

Best Moving Boxes: One of the most important aspects of packing is the fact that you need to have plenty of boxes. You have to be able to collect everything in your house and place it somewhere so that it can be moved. Boxes are a great option for several reasons. One is that you can pack several like items in the box and that makes moving them to a truck much faster. Another reason is that boxes are very uniform and that makes it quite simple to stack them without losing too much space. You also want to make sure that you purchase many sizes of boxes so that you are able to pack in a proper way. You don’t want to overload a box with too much weight making it very hard to carry. You also want to have larger boxes to load your lightweight but bulky items in.
Packing Tape: You also want to make sure that you are ready to secure the boxes so that when they are being moved nothing falls out. The boxes will be loaded on a truck that will then be driven to a new location. The boxes need to be taped shut from the bottom so they don’t fall out then taped across the top to keep them shut. Using a good quality packing tape is important in making sure that they are sealed until they arrive at your new house.
Packing Paper & Bubble Wrap: The next material that you need to have in your list if packing paper as well as bubble wrap. When you load a box full of items they are surely not going to fill the box to each and every corner. This makes is to that they are able to slide and move around and potentially break. You can use packing paper as well as bubble wrap to fill in the gaps that might be left when you load the box. You also can use the bubble wrap to cover your items that are fragile such as glasses and ceramics. This will help prevent damage during the move and keep what is in the box in a more secured way.

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