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How Do I Make Packing Easier to Move in Beverly Hills, CA? Do Not Pack Moving Boxes at the Last Minute

There are many things that go into moving and getting into a new house. Once there are many of the tasks done and you have a date set for the moving truck to come and load your belongings you need to start packing. This is one of the worst tasks that you will have to do when you move since you are loading all your belongings up and they will be of no use to you until you get them unpacked at your new home. This can be a really stressful time and when you start making packing mistakes is can just compound the issues. Prodigy Moving & Storage lists mistakes to avoid when packing your home for an upcoming move.

Don’t Over Pack Or Under Pack Your Moving Boxes

There are really several problems when you over and under pack a box. One is that the box is not utilized when it is under packed. The box is left partially empty when you could have put some more items in it. That also means that y9ou are using more boxes that will end up wasting more space in the moving truck. Another problem with an under filled box is that the box can collapse when it is stacked up and that can cause damage to the rest of your items and bodily injury if they fall over. If you over pack a box it can become extremely heavy so when you move it you can hurt your back. When they are over filled and stacked they can wobble and will potentially fall over.

Do Not Pack at the Last Minute

If you don’t have a plan for packing and you choose to wait for the last minute you could be in real trouble. The packing is not a one day job and you need to have time to get the boxes packed in an orderly fashion. The longer you wait to start packing the more chaotic it will be and the harder and less organized it will be. Having a plan is a great way to lessen the stress and have all the boxes packed and ready for the moving truck.

Labelling & Marking Moving Boxes is Important

This is a big mistake that many people make and that includes not labeling at all and under labeling the boxes. Labels are an essential part of the packing process and it needs to be given some time and effort. You don’t want to just start sealing up boxes without knowing what is in each of them. You should have a label for the room that the box belongs as well as a label to show the specifics of that particular box. It will make the unloading and unpacking a bigger problem where you may need to search through several boxes before you find what you are looking for.

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