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How Do I Prepare to Move a Collection Safely in Carson, CA? How to Pack Figurines & More

Most people have a soft spot for something, and their collection can be sentimental, monetary, or just passionate interest. Whether it is snow globes, tiny glass figurines, Star Wars action figures, books, vinyl records, or art, you want to make sure it is safe for the long-distance journey. Depending on the size, how fragile it is, and other specs, moving your collection can be tricky. Today, we at Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to share would like to share a few tips.

How Do You Pack Figurines & Collections for Moving

Consider collectible insurance. When you hire a moving company, you need to inquire about extra protection as each entity offers their specific amount. In unforeseen circumstances, in order to cover your collection’s value, you need protection plan. Most professionals offer collectibles insurance and you can call your insurance agent to look into additional coverage.
Create an inventory. Take the time to make a detailed list of every piece of your collection. Once you arrive to your move’s destination you can verify everything is arrived.
Photograph collection. Photograph each individual item in turn, as you make your collection list. This creates proof of what your collection looked like before the move for insurance purposes in addition to help you keep track of everything.
Have everything cleaned before its packed. Your collection can be damaged, if you leave the dirt, dust, and grime. Before you pack it, clean the pieces to the best of your ability, or consider professional cleaning.
Disassembly. Large models, electronics, and similar items should be, if possible, should be disassembled. Take photos if you do not possess a manual, take notes, and label individual baggies of hardware and boxes to avoid losing any parts and to make reassembly simpler.
Focus on proper labeling of boxes. Start categorizing as you list and photograph your collection. Well before moving day, figure out how you’re going to box up and store your collection. Be sure to label those boxes once you figure out how you’re going to box everything up, and be sure to write fragile or breakable. Labeling each box individual will help you know where each item is as well.
Avoid newspaper for wrapping the delicate collectibles. Your collectibles can be stained from the ink on newspapers.
Utilize silica packets. Moisture that could potentially damage your items is absorbed in the silica packets.
When possible, pack the items in original packaging. Move your collectibles in the packaging they came in.
Add cushioning in packed boxes. Use packing peanuts to fill in the gaps to limit your item’s ability to shift around during the moving process.
Moving professionals. Make sure your hired crew know which boxes and items are delicate and need to be handled with care.

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In the end, you need to move your collectibles with care and with experienced professionals, you can count on a safe and successful move. Call Prodigy Moving & Storage and let our professionals assist you with expert moving services for your next move in order to ensure success.