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How Much to Tip Local & Corporate Relocation Movers to Thank Moving Crew in Long Beach, CA?

Moving is a daunting task. Selecting a reputable moving company is essential to ensure the process is smooth and efficient. The moving professionals significantly impact the move’s success. Unlike other service providers, such as food servers for example, movers have far more responsibility to ensure boxes are packed securely, your possessions are loaded safely, transported carefully, unloaded cautiously, and unpacked sufficiently. A bad mover can make the experience awful to say the least. Because many consumers understand the importance of having an excellent mover, many want to show gratitude in a job well done. Most movers will not wait around and wait for a tip, but if they do not get one, many will assume their performance was poor and customers were unsatisfied with their efforts. If you choose to tip your movers, we at Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to share some suggestions.

How Much to Tip Movers?

There is no specific tipping amount, and generally, the customer will offer what they feel is suitable, however, the standard is between 15%-20%, but ultimately it is your decision. Below are a few factors to consider when calculating the tip.
1) The physical and environmental conditions on moving day. The area you are moving can be impacted by weather conditions. Where manipulating the items inside your space can be challenging enough, adding extreme outdoor temperatures only makes the coming and going more difficult. Showing your appreciation for their extra efforts and enduring freezing temperatures, heavy rain or snow fall, or hot days can be indicated through your tipping.
2) Obstacles of the move. All houses are different and unique as they present their own challenges. For example, moving a one-bedroom apartment and the strategies involved differ greatly with that of a four-bedroom apartment. Homes that features more than one story and have to use stairs to travel. If you improperly packed or have a short window where the movers go above the call of duty. Acknowledging their hard work can be a great way to offer your gratitude with compensation.
3) Mover service quality. Based on what you saw, where personal assessment varies, you provide a larger tip if you felt they executed better work. No matter how small it is, it is recommended to tip each worker and do not give money for one worker to distribute as it can cause chaos.

Thank You for Helping Me Move

Additional options to show appreciation. There are other options apart from tipping to acknowledge the workers and appreciate their efforts. It is definitely not expected, however, the movers usually appreciate your offerings. Such ideas include the following:
Cooler with goodies. A cooler packed with ice, drinks and snack is a nice gesture. Where moving is an exhausting and laborious task, having refreshments can boost morale and give them energy to keep going.
Food provisions. On a larger scale, providing lunch or more substantial food throughout the day can go a long way.
Leave a positive review. Offering your referral for their online website can help them generate more business and help them grown and expand.

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