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How to Make Friends with Neighbors After Moving to a New Home & City from Glendale, CA

Moving to a new city or area of town is a large undertaking. At Prodigy Moving & Storage we have helped people take care of moving all of their belongings into their new homes since 2003. We love seeing our customers move into their new homes and start a new phase in their life. There are some parts of moving that can be tough for people though. One thing that can especially tricky is making friends in your new home. Today Prodigy Moving & Storage has some tips for you on how to make friends no matter where you live.

Wave to Your Neighbors After Moving to a New Home

We live in a world where many people go in and out of their homes through their garage doors. While parking in your garage has many benefits, there are a few drawbacks as well. One of the largest drawbacks of parking in your garage is that you do not take time to interact with you neighbors. Taking time to wave at your neighbors as you drive in and out of your neighborhood will help build a relationship with your neighbors. Then when you do see your neighbors out on the street or around town they will already feel like they know who you are. This will help both of you feel more comfortable interacting with one another when you do see each other.

When Moving in, Introduce Yourself to Neighbors

Once you are settled into your new home you should take the time to introduce yourself to your neighbors. You can do this in a large variety of ways. Some people simply watch for moments when their neighbors are outside and then go outside and introduce themselves then. Other people will make or purchase goodies of some sort to deliver to their neighbors. When they go drop it off they take time to introduce their entire family.

Spend Time Outside to Help Get to Know Neighbors

Building relationships with people takes consistent interactions with them. If you can find a way to be outside in front of your home more frequently you will get the chance to have more interactions with your neighbors and build these relationships more quickly. You could go on walks, play with your kids in the front yard, put patio furniture on your front patio and use it, and so much more to increase the amount of time you spend outside.

Neighborhood Meet & Greet

You can also plan an activity that will include some or all of your neighbors. You may prefer small groups. If that is the case just invite on or two neighbors at a time. If you thrive off of being in a larger crowd you will be happier having a larger party and this is a great option for you. Plan something where you will be able to mingle with your new neighbors and get to know them better.

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If you do all of these things you will definitely be able to make friends with your new neighbors more quickly than you might have otherwise. Getting to know your neighbors will help you enjoy your new home even more but before you can start living in your new home, you have to move there! Contact Prodigy Moving & Storage to get started today!