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How to Move House Without Stress in West Hollywood, CA; Moving Checklist, Pack Efficiently & More

One of the most stressful events in our lives is contending with a move, whether if it is down the street or across the state of California. Statistically, divorce, job loss, losing a loved one, sickness are other stresses are included with moving. We know that moving can be a chaotic time. To help make your moving experience more manageable, Prodigy Moving & Storage offers many options to assist you on your moving event and today we would like to offer a few tips on how to help you reduce the stress you experience during a move.

1) Make a Moving Checklist

Ensuring everything is relocated efficiently can be the hardest part of moving. During this stressful and demanding process, forgetting something can be fairly easy. For a smooth and flawless relocation, a checklist is helpful. With a checklist, finding a moving company, packing, or paying any utility arrears, and other such details can be more accomplished with the
checklist. Be sure that you immediately update your to-do list if there is something that you forgot to include in the list.

2) Changing Address & Other Tips for Preparing to Move Early

Prioritize your checklist now that it has been prepared. Start packing the out-of-season possessions and other nonessentials. Locate a reliable moving company in the beginning can be helpful to ensure booking. Early reservations will give you more time to find an affordable provider while offering safe, convenient, and tranquil relocation. The next item to consider is cost when you have booked a moving service. Plan for the following:
– Switching your address and utility billing
– Notifying both your old and new landlords concerning the move
– Tackling early packing options at certain items
– Pack and relocate fragile or non-allowable items
– Planning the first day in your new home
– Sorting through possessions; packing, donating/selling, or tossing
– If you have kids or pets, finding the proper care and travel plans

3) Move Out & Move In Readiness

It’s best to start tying up loose ends, before the due date during the last week.
– Ensure you are current with the landlord and you prepared for final walk through
– To ensure it’s ready for occupation visiting the new house
– Repairing any damages in the old home like peeling paint, damaged appliances, holes on the wall, and so forth

4) Strategic Packing when Moving

Organization, timeliness, and safety is the recipe for a smart, stress-free packing. Be sure all your boxes are well-labeled, sized to be carried, and properly fitted for your items. Ensure you have quality bubble wrap and other important moving materials to protect your items.

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Call Prodigy Moving & Storage today and let our qualified experts assist you in your California move. We can help you with your local move or long distance move within the state. With our vast services, your move can be less stressful. Our professionals can help you pack, unpack, transport, and other moving services, whether you need them in part or in whole, Prodigy Moving & Storage is your leading moving expert.