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How to Move in the End of a School Year in Chatsworth, CA? Hire Packing & Moving Company & More

Moving does not always happen at the most opportune moments in life. If we all lived in a dream world we would only move during the summer months where the kids would not be in school. Or maybe we would move when there was no snow on the ground. Or maybe we could move right from one house to another with no days in between where we were homeless and had to stay in a hotel. Unfortunately these statements just cannot always be our reality. Sometimes moving just does not go as planned. There are some moves that are just harder to figure out logistically. So what do you when that happens? Prodigy Moving & Storage has some tips for some of those harder moving situations.

What Happens if You Move in the End of a School Year?

One thing that can pop up in a move is that one of the parents needs to move for a job but the school year is not quite over for the kids. What do you do? Some families will choose to have the whole family move at the same time still and have their kids transfer schools right at the end of the school year. This can be hard emotionally and academically depending on your children. The benefit of moving them while school is in session is that the kids can start making friends at school right away and then have someone to play with during the summer in their new town.

When Should I Move My Child to a New Place & School?

Other families will choose to have the parent that needs to start their job move while everyone else stays to finish out the school year. Once the school year ends they will make the move with the rest of the family. The benefit of this is that the kids get to finish out the school year. This is easier academically for most kids that are in middle and high school. The most obvious con to this is that your family has to live apart for a period of time. If you choose this option how do you make it easier for your family?

How Can I Make Moving Less Stressful?

We have talked to many different families over the years that have made living apart a smooth transition for their family. If you choose this option we recommend that your spouse help you pack up as much as possible before they leave. There are lots of things in your house that you can live without for a few months. Packing up holiday decorations, books, decorations, certain kitchen items, and more can be done ahead of time without much interruption to your daily life. This makes it so the spouse that stayed behind with the kids does not have to pack as much on their own without the help of their spouse. Some families opt to hire a moving company to pack their boxes to help ease the burden of the spouse who stayed behind as well. Prodigy Moving & Storage offers packing services if this sounds like a good fit for you. Another thing that families will frequently do is try to find a family member to help out. Sometimes they have family in the city they will be moving to that the working spouse can go and live with in the new city. Other times they have family in the city that they are moving from that will help more frequently while one spouse takes responsibility for the children by themselves for a while. If you do not have family then get some friends lined up to help ease your burdens during this transitional time.

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Not matter what you choose we hope that your move goes smoothly. Moving to a new city can be a difficult task even under the best of circumstances and living apart before you move just adds extra stress. Let Prodigy Moving & Storage help you with your move. Give us a call today!