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How to Pack Computers, Game Consoles, Stereo Equipment & Electronics for Moving in Hawthorne, CA

When you need to move, whether is it long distance or short distance, you must be extra careful when packing and moving your home’s expensive electronics. It is very common during a move for electrical devices to get damaged somewhere along the way. Most damage may have been prevented with proper packing techniques. Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to share a few tips on how you can pack and move your home electronics without damaging or breaking them during the move.

Check Electronic Product Manuals for Packing Instructions

If you are one of those types of people who still have your electronics manuals then you are ahead of the game. Often the product manual will provide packing methods as well as storage. Many electronics are sensitive to heat and is one of the major obstacles when moving. Make sure if you rent a pod that electronics do not go inside the pod. Electronics are better if they are loaded last to reduce prolonged exposure to the heat. Some pod storage facilities are air conditioned. Ask where the pod goes and if it is climate controlled.

How to Wrap & Pack Electronics for Moving

Many people will keep their original electronic packaging in the event they need to move. If you are one of these people, then reuse the original packaging since it was custom fitted to hold and protect your electronics safely. Not everyone has the foresight to hang onto their original packaging. This means now you must pack them up as safely as possible. TV and larger electronics should be wrapped and taped tightly with either large bubble wrap or with moving blankets to protect them from impact damages. In some cases, you may even want to have them put in custom crates to ensure they are protected. Make sure to label the electronics that are placed in boxes and label them with the contents in the boxes. Make sure you write the word “fragile” on the box.

Organize Cables for Moving & Storage

When packing your electronics, create a system for organizing the cables. Bind the cables together and label them as you disassemble your electrical equipment to make sure you know where each cable goes and what the cable was used for. Additionally, make sure the cable gets packed. Consider making a check list to make sure you don’t lose any of the cables. Unpacking and setting up you electronics without all of the cable can become a major bummer and it can delay your reunion with your home entertainment system and devices.

Loading Electronics Onto Moving Truck

When loading your electronics into the moving truck, avoid stacking other items or boxes on top of them. Electronics are not designed to withstand a lot of weight. Instead, electronics should be packed or loaded last in the truck, and if nothing else, they should be loaded on the top of the other boxes along with the other fragile items in your home. Again, it is important to label your electrical devices so if you are using a professional moving service they can ensure your electronics stay safe.

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