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How to Pack Rakes, Shovels & Other Garden Tools & Supplies for Moving in West Covina, CA

At first, packing may seem like a simple task. When you realize the extent of the stuff inside your home, it may be overwhelming, particularly when you consider your yard and garden supplies. It may be simpler to donate or give away these items as you prepare for a move. However, for those that want to hang onto the yard and garden supplies, we at Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to share some packing tips.

Sort Through Garden Supplies

Your garage and shed are full of stuff you don’t use like other parts of your home. Before you move it is wise to get rid of those unused things. To handle weeds, rodents, or insects, put aside fertilizers and poisons you use while you sort. Research the safe disposal of pesticides, so you don’t pollute your local water system, instead. Compare the cost of moving them to the price of replacement if you have many bulky tools. Don’t worry about bringing along a ton of soil or mulch. It is cheaper to buy new instead of transporting over a long-distance.

Transporting Invasive Species Prevention

It may be tempting to throw it all in a box and sort it out later if your garage and shed are the last areas you pack. Before packing, make certain to empty boxes and clean your equipment. In these rooms, rodents and insects like to hide in boxes. They have shelter, warmth, and possibly, access to a food source. Also, Invasive plants may not survive without water. If they’re stuck to your tools, they often produce seeds that can scatter when you unpack on the other hand.

Get the Right Moving Box

In a box or bin of some kind, almost everything you want to pack for movers should go. If you still have them, power tools will fit best in their original boxes. Before packing them tightly in a small box, wrap shears and trimmers in bubble wrap. Rakes and shovels tend to complicate matters. It is worth considering if you need them, they may be challenging to pack.

Inventory Large Yard Equipment

Large items or equipment can’t be taken by some moving companies, such a hot tub or a trampoline. When you get a quote, make a list of these things and ask about them. Make sure you get it ready for transport when you are packing equipment. Be certain to drain the fuel and any other liquids. So that they don’t cut people or your other boxes, wrap sharp edges. Keep in mind that shipping companies usually have rules for how they ship items, as well if you have to ship equipment separately. To avoid confusion on the big day, research those in advance.

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One of the last things you’re thinking about as you prepare for your move is moving your garden supplies and equipment. You will reduce the likelihood of an awkward situation by following this advice. If you are looking for assistance with your upcoming move, call in the experts of Prodigy Moving & Storage and let us take care of you.