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How to Pack, Tape & Label Large Household Moving Boxes Efficiently in Santa Clarita, CA

When you are ready to move to a new house the process of packing, loading and actually moving can be a real hassle. That is why many people choose to go hire professionals that are able to do all the work for you and in a good and efficient manner. Although it is a good idea to use professionals you still want to know the best way to get the most out of your boxes. The main component of moving happens to be boxes and tape. This is the way that you can get your things in a container that can be picked up and moved to the next house. The boxes are also great when you want to stack them for moving or when you want to store them in a garage or storage unit. There are some great tips on packing your boxes properly.

Prodigy Moving Lists Tips for How to Pack for a Move

Keep Like Items Together when Packing: When you are working on packing your house you want to keep in mind that you have to then unpack the stuff in your new house. That is why it is important to pack where things that are similar are in the same box. That way when you go looking for your towels for your bathroom you know it will be in the boxes that have towels. When you organize what is in the box you can find what you need much faster and it will make the unpacking go faster as well.
Wrap Breakables when Packing for a Move: It might start to get monotonous when you are packing box after box. It seems that after time people will start to just put stuff in a box quickly. When you place the item in the box it may seem secure but now you have to imagine that same box on the back of a truck shifting around as it goes along. The things that you thought were in a good position have shifted around and that can damage your items. You want to take the time to wrap the things that have the chance to break when you move. You also can use colored paper when you wrap a small item so that it is not accidentally thrown away with the box.
Divide Up Moving Box: The other thing you can do when you are packing a box is to use other pieces of cardboard as a way to divide up the box. When the box is separated into compartments you can secure items while still filling the box all the way up with belongings. This is a great way to separate a box that has cups or dishes that are breakable.
Don’t Over Weigh the Moving Box: When you are packing it is hard to avoid using a large box and loading it full. The problem is that the box might be really heavy making it hard to move in and out of the house. You want to use a small box for things that weigh a lot like dishes and books. You can use larger boxes to put your blankets and extra pillows.

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