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How to Pack & Move Framed Art, Paintings, Heavy Furniture, Jewelry & More in Glendora, CA

For those who collect timeless and valuable pieces such as art, furniture, jewelry and other small adornments, the last thing you want is for them to go missing or get damaged during a move. When moving you must make additional considerations on how you can pack and protect your more valuable items, especially those that can never be replaced. Prodigy Moving & Storage will share a few tips on how you can protect your valuable items during a move.

Inventory List & Insurance when Moving

Those who have valuables know they are an investment. Most often, the investment is not only in monetary value but also in sentimental value. Many of these items cannot be replaced. These pieces should be inventoried. Create an inventory list of all the items that have considerable value. You will want to have them separated from your other belongings. You may want to have them appraised and then insured. Those pieces with documentation should be presented to the insurance company. You may want to ask if your moving company supplies insurance in the event certain items get damaged. Homeowner insurance may also cover your more valuable items. Without proper documentation alongside a provided list, you may not have proof if something goes missing or gets damaged during the move.

Packing & Crating when Moving

Large, small, or simply fragile items can be given additional protection when they are packed. Some companies may provide custom crating services or you can seek an independent crating service that can crate your more valuable items. Musical instruments such as pianos and organs may be hard to pack and protect due to their shape and size. This is a perfect example of how custom crating can add a protective barrier for the piece. Art and other odd shaped items can be wrapped and crated to ensure no external force can cause damage during the move.

How to Pack Fragile Items

For smaller items that can be packed in boxes, do not use a large box to fit more items, especially if they are fragile. Instead use smaller boxes and make sure to provide good padding around each piece. It is also important to write “fragile” on the outside of the box so that nothing is stacked on top of the box. You can also pack the small boxes in a larger box to keep them all together. The smaller boxes will add additional support and protection.

Communicate with Moving Company

When hiring a moving service, many homeowners are afraid to reveal their timeless pieces. However, it is important to communicate with the moving service as to the more delicate items. When loading a moving truck the distribution of weight is important. The heavier items go to the back of the moving truck to prevent the truck driver from losing control due to improper balance of the weight distribution. However, the items back of the moving truck must also be loaded to ensure they don’t get damaged. If you move a piano for example, obviously it is heavy. Nevertheless you don’t want it buried by other boxes either. The moving service will need to determine the best method of loading the truck to ensure their safety as well as how to protect your more valuable pieces.

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