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Packing & Loading Tips for Long Term Storage of Household Goods & More in Monterey Park, CA

People need storage units for all types of reasons. Some use it as a short-term solution while they move from one place to another, others use it as a way to store seasonal items that they can rotate each season so they can stay organized without cluttering up their homes. Then there are those that use storage units and facilities to store items they rarely need or use but want to preserve their belongings and require these items to be stored for a length of time. Packing up belongings for a short period versus packing up items for long term storage are two very different processes and require different care and storage techniques to properly preserve items so they won’t get damaged. Prodigy Moving and Storage is here today with some helpful hints and tips for storing your items long term.

No Plastic Bags to Store Items Long Term

Avoid storing items in plastic bags at all costs. Many people believe that storing items in plastic bags can save their items should water damage ever occurs. This is far from the truth. Plastic bags actually retain moisture inside of them and cause mold/mildew to grow inside the bag. If you’d like to keep boxed items in bags, use a cotton sack or mesh bag instead.

Buy New Boxes & Bins for Long Term Storage

While it may be tempting to grab some used boxes from a grocery, or big box store, resist the temptation. New boxes are sturdy and will take more wear and tear. They will also be simpler to stack and are less likely to buckle under the weight of other boxes being stacked on top of them during storage.

Use Vacuum Sealer for Clothes, Linens & Fabrics

When it comes to storing bed spreads, quilts, clothing, curtains etc. The best way to do so is to store them in vacuum sealed bags. This will protect them against discoloration, carpet beetle larvae or other cloth destroying bugs. You can purchase these bags for a few dollars either online or in-store. This small investment will protect these items for years to come and keep them in the same condition you left them in.

Pack Fragile Items with Care

Bubble wrap, packing paper and moving blankets will be your best friends when it comes to storing dishes, china, picture frames, artwork or other fragile items. Individually wrap each item and clearly label the boxes that contain fragile items.

Clearly Label All Boxes

It’s easy to thing that you’ll remember where you put everything in your storage unit. We are all human and it is unlikely that after an extended period of time you will remember everything as clearly as the day you stored it. Label each box so you know what is where and can save time finding an item you need somewhere down the line.

Proper Appliance Storage

Be sure to thoroughly clean the appliances being stored both inside and out before storing them and then ensure they are completely dry before storing them. When you put the appliance into storage, leave the doors to the appliance open so it can breathe during storage.

Keep Items Off the Floor

Putting boxes, appliances and furniture on pallets to store them will help keep them safe from water/rodent/insect damage. It will also help to circulate air within the unit and further protect your belongings from damage.

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The simplest way to protect your valuables during long term storage is to trust a professional to pack your belongings, then move them into the unit for storage. We here at Prodigy Moving & Storage know the ins and outs of packing, moving and safe storage. Skip the extra chores and allow us to do the dirty work for you. Contact us to get started today!