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Moving Myths in El Monte, CA; Is Friday the Best Day to Move, Do Quality Supplies Matter & More

Whether you want it or not, many people want to offer their advice on most any subject, including moving. Where some of the advice received is solid regarding your move, and make the move more successful and smoother, there are other suggestions people insist on that can turn your move into a nightmare. Today, we at Prodigy Moving & Storage have taken a small handful of the moving myths and set the record straight in order to help people avoid some these myths and apply it to their move.

Do Quality of Moving & Storage Supplies Matter?

Boxes and moving supplies play an important role in your move. Though it can be tempting to save a few bucks and use the 5-year-old tape that has seen better days, or the nearly dried out marker, using old and decrepit boxes from your local grocery store, or simply use torn pages from an outdated catalog to wrap the fragile items, it should all be avoided. To provide more protection for your treasures during transportation, invest in fresh, sturdy and appropriately sized boxes for the various possessions in your home. Get quality bubble wrap to protect the fragile treasures, a few fresh markers to clearly mark your labels, and quality packing tape can ensure those boxes are secure as a few of the basic essentials.

Are All Moving Companies the Same?

A surprising number of moving companies will sub-employ movers that are recruit temps daily, with no experience or training; where others have a team of trained professionals. From company to company, all moving companies differ. Too many people find their movers are inexperienced, untrained, and unprofessional in moving your home, making this myth a problem for quite a few people. Researching a quality moving expert, such as Prodigy Moving & Storage, that employ qualified experts to make the moving process methodical and organized.

Is Friday the Best Day to Move?

This myth originated with the realtors, and it exploded quickly. For the majority of people that have weekends off, the very common idea is to take an extra day from work to use the three days to commit to moving and getting settled during that time. Keep in mind that getting a professional booked on the weekend can be challenging, especially if you procrastinated too long to make your moving arrangements. Where Friday may be a more convenient day to move, it is not necessarily the best day to move.

Does the Moving Company’s General Insurance Cover Everything in the Event of a Catastrophe?

Professional moving companies have certain guidelines and restrictions for their required insurance minimum, and though it can cover a substantial loss in the event of a tragedy, it rarely covers it all. It is recommended that you seek out additional coverage, at least for your valuables should an unexpected catastrophe occur to ensure your stuff is well covered.

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