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How to Protect Hardwood Floors when Moving in Torrance, CA; Use Furniture Sliders & More

There are many things to think about as you get ready to take on a move. From the packing supplies to utilities getting turned off and on, you are going to be busy for the next little while. One thing that many people fail to think about during their move is their flooring. If you have hardwood flooring in your home, a move can leave them looking less than great. Prodigy Moving & Storage is here to share some tips to help you protect your hardwood floors during your next move.

Cover Your Hardwood Floors when Moving

This may seem like a give-in, but it is one of the most important keys in protecting your hardwood flooring during your move. Laying down some sort of protective covering will save your hardwood floors from scratches, dents and other damage. You can use several things to cover your flooring during the move in and move out process. One of the best protective resources available is thin plastic that has a slip resistant backing that clings to your floors and gives you just the right amount of protection from all the foot traffic that will be going in and out of the home during the whole process. At the very least, you need to have good sized floor mats at every entrance into the house. This will remove a great deal of the dirt and debris found on the bottom of shoes before they set foot on your flooring.

Don’t Drag Furniture & Appliances when Moving Over Hardwood Floors

Even though you have hopefully got some protection on your hardwood flooring, you should never drag the furniture. You can stack several boxes on a dolly with rubber wheels and furniture rollers are a lifesaver as well as a floor saver. You can also guard the legs of furniture with felt to keep them from scratching floors, if you haven’t done that already. Another way to protect floors from furniture scratches and dents is to cover the bottom of the furniture with a moving blanket just in case you drop it during the move.

Choose Good Weather to Move

We know this isn’t always possible, but if there is any way to choose your moving day on a day that is showing good weather, you should. The mud, salt and excess water that comes with inclement weather will do your hardwood flooring no favors. If you have no choice in the matter, have extra blankets and even left over cardboard handy to lay down in an effort to remove some of the water that is bound to make its way into your home.

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If you are getting ready to move and are worried about your hardwood flooring, call on the professionals at Prodigy Moving & Storage for help. We use only the highest quality moving supplies and protective equipment to ensure your home doesn’t sustain any damage during your move. We treat your home as if it were our own and strive for complete customer satisfaction every time you choose use. Call us today!