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How to Get Settled in a New House & Neighborhood After Packing Up & Moving to Alhambra, CA

After making a move to a new neighborhood, some will experience the awkwardness of not knowing anyone in the new area, especially the neighbors. Though meeting the neighbors and getting acquainted with the neighborhood may not be high on the priority list, it can definitely help you feel more at home. With that in mind, we at Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to share some tips and advice on getting settled in a new neighborhood far from your familiar territory.

What Does it Mean to Settle in a New Space?

It takes time and effort to feel at home in your new abode and neighborhood. Where there many things that need to be done when you first arrive, it is still important you give you and your family the opportunity to feel at home. Not only do you need to unpack your possessions, but painting the rooms or replacing the flooring can help you feel more comfortable with your surroundings.

Why is it Important to Get involved with Community?

No matter where you are from and where you have moved, fitting into the community means getting involved. There are many things you can do to achieve your goals; volunteer work, new job, or even devoting some of your time to your children’s school can help you get to know your neighbors and feel a part of the community.

Doing Touristy Things

You have just moved a long distance from home. Whether you once lived in the area, or it is completely new to you, take the time to have fun and take in the sights. Not only is it an optimal way to bond as a family and relieve some stress, but it will also help you get familiar with the surroundings.

Help Child Adjust to New Neighborhood

If you moved to the area with kids in tow, the odds are high they are missing their old friends, school, house, and other activities they grew accustomed to. To help them feel more at home and find activities they can do locally and encourage them to get active in school programs and be friendly to make new friends.

5) Strike Up Conversation when Meeting New Neighbors

Too many people assume others are snobbish when in reality, they are just shy. Being the first to strike up conversation with the locals, whether it is in the neighborhood, or anywhere else in the community, can help open the door to making new friends and acquaintances.

Throw a Housewarming Party

The last thing you probably want to after getting settled in your new home, starting a new job, and getting the unpacking done, is throw a party; but that might be exactly what you need. You can invite the neighbors, colleagues from work, and even have the kids invite a few friendly faces in an effort to get to know the people in the area and make some new friends. Be sure to keep it simple, no one expects it to be elaborate; you can even involve the guests by asking them to bring pot-luck, chairs, or other party items.

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