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How to Safely Move Furniture in South Gate, NV; Disassemble, Team Moving, Proper Lifting & More

Moving the furniture can be a difficult task that can cause damage or injury. With the heavy and bulky items that need to be moved, and so much other things to do, safety precautions for moving these heavy and awkward objects often get overlooked. We at Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to list a few safety tips to help you move the furniture that can avoid injury, damage to furniture or even property.

Disassemble Furniture

There are a lot of furnishings that can be broken down to conserve space in the moving truck as well as making them easier and safer to move. Bookshelves, beds, desks, and tables are just a few examples. Not only will these items be better suited broken down for ease, but the fragile pieces can be better protected in dissembled pieces. Any furniture pieces that are too bulky to fit through standard doorways should be also broken down to save you the hassle and contribute to safety. Just remember when breaking down the furniture, you keep it organized. Keep the frames together, hardware in baggies that are properly labeled and boxed in one convenient location.

Assess Potential Dangers Concerning Furniture Moving

Working on moving the furniture solo is definitely a safety risk and if possible, avoid the scenario by involving friends, family or professionals. But for the stubborn people that must take on the responsibility alone or who has little choice, take the time to strategize your move and plan for a safe exit. Take it slow, walk along the designated path and ensure there are no obstacles in the way. Try to get a hold of a dolly that allows many heavier objects to be wheeled to and fro.

Team Moving is Better than Solo

As mentioned previously, avoiding solo furniture moving missions is optimal. Super-sized, heavy, bulky, awkward-shaped and other such furnishings are a challenge for team efforts let along single attempts. More often than not, moving the furniture alone results in broken pieces and/or serious injuries. Having a team effort makes for easier manipulation, lifting, and faster results. But just as we mentioned going it alone, map at a pathway from the inside all the way to the truck that is free of obstacles and don’t forget to implement the right equipment.

Heavy Moving Equipment

Having the right tools readily available will make moving day a lot easier, especially when it comes to hauling heavy furnishings. Acquiring a furniture dolly is one of the best investments you will make on moving day and is something that can be used as the occasion calls for it in other applications. If you prefer not to own, many companies offer this item for rent.
– Furniture slides are another useful item that can help move furniture a short distance in a safer manner. It is durable plastic on one side and hard rubber on the other that makes sliding the furniture around a room simple.
– Moving straps redirects the furniture’s weight off the mover’s back to help make the bulky items easier to move, frequently used by professionals.

Proper Lifting Techniques

The best safety tip to recall is lift correctly. The body is not use to the excessive bending, pushing, twisting, and pulling movements as well as lifting heavy furniture all day long; which often results in injury.
– Do not depend on the back muscles to lift the furniture, but instead use your legs. Bend the knees, keep your back straight, and concentrate the use of the legs to hoist the furniture up.
– Avoid pulling furniture and focus on pushing where applicable. Use the furniture sliders for added comfort.
– Use your legs to turn sideways or around instead of your hips.
– Keep the heavy items close to the center of your body as you move.
– Focus on the path and avoid distractions by keeping your eyes in front of you.

What Clothes & Shoes to Wear when Moving

Wearing the right shoes especially can help avoid a lot of injuries. Flip-flops should definitely be avoided as they will contribute to trips. Ideally wear closed-toe shoes with rubber soles to avoid slipping and good ankle support. Opt for comfortable clothes that are not baggie and you don’t mind if they get dirty or even damaged. Quality work gloves are also ideal to help you grip and add protection to your hands.

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Where these safety tips can help when moving the heavy furniture, investing in a professional mover to at least help with the minimum work load can not only prevent injury and damage, but give you time to focus on other details. If you are planning to move in the Greater Los Angeles, CA area, call Prodigy Moving & Storage today and schedule a consultation. We will customize your moving services to best meet your needs and budget.