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Local Moving Checklist in Claremont, CA; Packing Tips, Transferring Utilities & More

Any time you have a large project coming up on the horizon it is easy to forget at least a few things as you tackle the project. The odds that you thought of every single detail in a large project are slim unless you take extreme care during your planning phase. Moving out of your home and into a new one is no exception. As you start preparing your move there are tons of things to accomplish. Prodigy Moving & Storage has put together a list of things that you will want to make sure you check off your list as you work on your move.

Packing Tips & Tricks

You will want to solidify your moving date as soon as you can. Knowing what date you have to complete everything by will help you know how to properly plan everything out. Most people find it helpful to work backwards as they set goals for their moving progress. How you tackle this project will vary from person to person. It does not really matter what your plan is as long as you have one. During this process you will want to call Prodigy Moving & Storage to get your move scheduled. If you plan on tackling the packing yourself, start with items you don’t need.

Transferring Utilities & Accounts when Moving

First you will want to make sure that you take care of all of your utilities. Many people remember to take care of their utilities in the home that they are moving into but they forget that it is just as vital to take care of their utilities in the home that they are moving out of. You will want to call on electrical; water; gas; phone; internet; cable; sewer district; and sanitation department for your garbage services. It can be easy to overlook at least one of these areas if you are not careful. Most people have accounts set up with many different institutions. These institutions provide a wide array of services to people throughout the world. Unfortunately we do not always think about these people until we have already moved. If this happens you may end up having to pay an extra monthly fee for services that you did not utilize. Take time to think about your gym membership; lawn service; pool service; and any other monthly fees that you pay out. You will also want to get your address changed with your bank; insurance company; credit cards; and any other businesses that need to send you paperwork for any reason. You do not want to miss your statements.

Forward Mail to Another Address

You will want to visit your post office and get your mail forwarded. Some types of mail are not allowed to be forwarded. After you have moved into your new home you will want to start changing the addresses on any newspapers; magazines; newsletters; professional journals; or other subscriptions that you have. If you have time to work on these before you move it is even more helpful.

Packing & Moving in Chatsworth, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Calabasas, Glendale, Burbank & Greater Los Angeles, California

As you carefully take the time to think about each of these different steps you can be confident that your move will go smoothly. There will undoubtedly be a few hiccups that show up that you will have to work through but overall your move should be a smooth process. Prodigy Moving & Storage can handle all your local and long distance moves within the state of California. Contact us today!