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Moving House Furniture Protection in La Verne, CA; How Movers Wrap & Pack in Blankets & More

One of the biggest concerns when you are moving your belongings is to make sure none of your items sustain any damage. There are many materials that can be helpful when you are moving your furniture so you don’t end up with scratches, dings and other damage when the moving process is complete. Prodigy Moving & Storage is here to talk about some tips that will help your protect your furniture during your move.

Essential Packing & Moving Supplies

The first and most important thing to remember when moving your furniture, is that you need to use the right supplies in order to be successful. You don’t want to wait until moving day to get the supplies you need to move your furniture. Plan ahead so that you are completely prepared for moving day. Here are some of the supplies that you will need.
-Bubble Wrap
-Mattress & Sofa Covers
-Plastic Wrap
-Sealable Plastic Bags
-Corrugated Cardboard Sheets
-Quality Moving Blankets

Clean Furniture Before Packing & Moving It

It may not seem like it is possible, but when your furniture is covered in dust and other debris, it can actually cause scratching. You will be using different wrapping materials to move this furniture without damaging it, and you don’t want to unwrap it to find that it got damaged anyway. You should completely clean your furniture before prepping it to move. This will make the unloading and packing process simpler as well when you don’t have to clean the furniture once you have unloaded it.

Disassemble Furniture when Moving

You don’t want to leave your furniture completely assembled when you are moving. You should break it down so it will not only fit more easily in the moving truck, but it will also be less likely to sustain any damage in the process. It will be less likely to get dings as it is being moved and loaded into the truck when the furniture isn’t large and assembled. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when it comes to breaking down your furniture.

Wrap Furniture for Moving

Avoiding damage to your furniture is all in how it is wrapped before getting loaded into the truck. You should use bubble wrap as well as plastic moving wrap and quality moving blankets to offer your furniture the protection that is needed. Use quality tape as well when you are using bubble wrap on your furniture to secure it in place.

Have a Plan for Furniture Arrangement in Your New Place

Have a plan for where you want your furniture to be placed upon arriving at your new home. This will make it easier for movers to put the furniture in its proper place and avoid moving it around unnecessarily.

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Moving is a big job. It is definitely one that you don’t want to tackle on your own. You can count on the moving experts at Prodigy Moving & Storage to handle all your moving needs without damaging any of your furniture in the process. Call us today!