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Tips to Downsize to Relocate to a New City After Retirement in Bell, CA; Moving Budget & More

Many people look forward to retiring and reestablishing themselves once they can retire and the kids are grown and living their own lives. Whatever your reasons are for moving following your retirement, we at Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to share a few tips and suggestions to help retirees plan their much awaited move.

Square Footage of New Place

When it comes to your living space, there are many different mentalities. Some people prefer the bigger is better option where other rather have the smaller space to worry about cleaning and getting around in. No matter which is your preference, keep in mind that going from a moderate to large sized home to a small home can take getting used to and be rather challenging. Also, upgrading to more space from a smaller home means there is more maintenance and more cleaning involved, so make your choice wisely.

Relocating After Retirement

The destination is another deciding factor. If the kids have moved away, are looking get closer to them and the grandkids, or are looking to put some space between you and the kids so you are not guilted into free nanny services where you rather spend your early retirement traveling. Your health impacted by various climates is another consideration when you select your location. Consider your allergy triggers, respiratory, arthritis, and so on. If necessary, make a list of the pros and cons of the places you are interested in spending your retirement to help you decide where the best move is.

Budget for Moving

To improve finances, you may want to downsize the home’s contents. You may have to set yourself to a budget, generally even more strictly than when you were working once you are retired as you do not have the luxury of over timed or requesting sick days or paid vacation days. Every financial transaction will likely need to be accounted for. Many people find the best solution to cut costs for a move is to downsize. Perhaps more fitting to your budget and hobbies as well is a smaller home and a bigger yard. No matter the details, remember to factor monthly costs of the new place such as such mortgage or rent, property tax, state tax, utilities, the cost of moving, and other monthly living expenses so you can comfortably afford the new living arrangements.

Downsizing Before Moving

A move can get expensive if you move the 30 years of stuff with you, especially when you have committed to a destination. Part of the process, whether you are trying to maintain a budget or not, is to downsize. Exempting items with sentimental value, a good guideline is you haven’t used anything in over 12 months, chances are, you are not going to and don’t need it. These items can be sold in a yard sale or online or donated to shelters or donation facilities. Any trash can be tossed or recycled accordingly.

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You need someone to ensure your belongings gets to your new home safely when you make a move, and additional services such as packing, unpacking, storage solutions, and other moving related services can make it even easier. Call Prodigy Moving & Storage today to help you with your next move.