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What is the Best Way to Pack a Lot of Picture Frames for Moving in Glendale, CA? Use Right Packing Supplies & More

Many people may consider on how to move valuable, fragile pictures and/or artwork for anyone planning a move soon. With the help of Sky Van Lines’ advice, there is nothing for be anxious over. What you have to know that you are officially moving is coming up with an efficient moving plan that takes every last detail into account should be your next step. A well-organized moving plan will help lower the stress level that invariably comes with any move, no matter if it’s across the city or to a new state or country. A few tips on how to pack your valuable artwork, pictures, mirrors, framed photos, and other specialty items is what we at Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to share today.

How Do You Pack a Lot of Picture Frames?

It is important to know what you are doing when it comes to packing pictures frames. All of your framed photos, pictures, mirrors, valuable artwork, and other specialty items are a part of Prodigy Moving & Storage’s unique moving solutions that will meet all of your custom moving and shipment needs. Our experts can help you pack and transport these items, regardless of the shape, size, or how fragile or valuable it may be.

Use the Right Moving Supplies to Pack Picture Frames

The best way to pack pictures or to pack wall art for moving is easy if you have the right supplies. Especially those designed specifically for picture frames and similar items, be sure you have quality, sturdy moving boxes of various sizes. Measure all of your pictures that are bigger than normal so that you get the right sized moving boxes for all of your special items. You will need bubble wrap as well. This will give some added cushion for your pictures during the move. Also, strong tape, wrapping paper, and permanent markers should be invested in as well.

Process of Packing Framed Pictures

If in the event you are packing picture frames, wall art, or mirrors for moving, the process is the same.
1) Use the bubble wrap over the wrapping paper be sure the whole picture is covered and tape the bubble wrap to make sure it stays secure.
2) Ensure the picture is tightly packed in the box. Insert old newspapers, more wrapping paper, bubble wrap, or even cardboard from a moving box if needed to make sure it is secure.
3) Clearly mark “Fragile” or “Mirror” or “Glass” with your permanent marker, your movers know that extra care must be taken for those items.
4) If that’s all you have, wrap the picture face down in wrapping paper, or old newspapers.
5) Use the tape to secure all of the edges to be sure the wrapping paper covers the entire item.
6) At both ends, the box should be taped.
7) Once you find the right size.

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