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What Not to Pack when You Hire Professional Packers or Movers in Calabasas, CA

Moving from one home to another is a daunting task. It takes strategic planning and preparation, meticulous placement of fragile items, label after label and not to mention finding your new home. Trips back and forth from the store to purchase moving boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and box cutters is another chore. Let’s not forget, the packing party that goes on too! You’ve got to plan which items to pack in advance, what you should leave out until very last, pack your essentials bag for moving day and keep track of where everything is in the process. While the move itself can be quite exciting, the process beforehand isn’t always so great. This is why so many people are opting to hire professional movers these days. Professional movers take the stress out of moving. We are experienced in the art of packing and know just how to move and store even the most fragile items. You won’t have to worry about somebody dropping your grandmother’s precious china or breaking your favorite T.V. Moving companies carry insurance that covers all of your items when they move them. What’s better? You can save yourself valuable time to do other things and let the professionals handle the hard work. Professional movers can pack and move your home in a fraction of the time it would take the average person.

What Not to Pack when You Move

If you’ve been asking yourself whether it’s worth it to hire a moving company, I believe you just got your answer. Now that you’ve made your decision, if you choose to pack your own things there are a few guidelines to follow. Unfortunately moving companies can’t haul just anything. Following are a few of the things that moving companies won’t and shouldn’t move.
Prohibited items
-Lighter fluid
-Propane Cylinders
-Lawn equipment that has gasoline inside
-Paints and Paint thinners
-Car or ATV batteries
-Darkroom Chemicals
-Scuba tanks
-Oxygen tanks

Non-recommended Items to Pack when Moving

While the things mentioned above are a no-no due to the risk involved in transporting them, there are a few things that it is highly recommended one do not move in a moving truck. Perishable food items can spoil, spill, mold or bring along unwanted critters and messes along the way. Non-perishables such as spices, dried fruits canned items etc. are just fine to pack and move and do well on trips. It’s better safe than sorry and perishable food items are easily replaced. Plan out your meals to ensure perishable items are consumed before moving day and consider ordering some food in times close to your move. Some items that should be kept tucked safely in your vehicle with you are valuables such as
-Important documents (Car titles, birth certificates, social security cars, wills, deeds etc.)
-Cash, checks, credit cards, wallets
-Family Photos
-Any irreplaceable items

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Our movers take great pride in their work and come to you highly trained. We take the utmost care in ensuring your belongings are safe in our hands, unfortunately not everything can be predicted. This is why we recommend not moving any potentially hazardous items and keeping valuables with you at all times. That way you know where your important items are at all times. Give us a call to schedule your next move!