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What to Keep & What to Get Rid of when Moving in Torrance, CA; Sentimental Belongings, Worn Items & More

It is normal to have quandaries about which items are necessary and worth taking on the hundreds of miles to the new destination, and which items are better left behind. With this in mind, we at Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to touch on top items to take and the top items to leave.

What is Worth Keeping when Moving?

1) Sentimental treasures. Any sentimental item you feel is worth keeping should be thoughtfully considered, even if you don’t use these items every day.
2) Personal documents & records. We recommend having these items saved virtually in a safe location prior to the move. However, you need to make sure you have physical copies as well. A marriage license, birth certificate, social security card, adoption decree and other such documents are among the records you need.
3) Items of irreplaceable value. These items are similar to the sentimental possessions, and the valuables include auctioned items, artwork, and expensive items are not re-purchasable. Additionally, the stuff has now been discontinued or is extremely difficult to repurchase would be included.
4) Comfort items for your children and/or pets. Anything which can provide comfort during this stressful time should be taken with you to your new home since moving is an overwhelming experience. The favorite leashes or toys for your dog, as well as any blankets, favorite books, and toys belonging to your child
5) Routinely used household item in good condition. A move may be a great excuse for you to replace any household items you are looking to upgrade, but you don’t need to sell or donate every household appliance you own. Keep any household item you use regularly which is still in proper working condition.

What to Purge when Moving

1) Unused appliances. This is a great time to sell or donate any appliance you have had sitting in your cabinet or basement which hasn’t been used yet or hasn’t been used in years. To decide whether you should keep the item or leave it behind, take note of whether or not you’ve used it the last three to six months.
2) Anything that is expired. It can be easy for expired items to sit in our cabinets and shelves without our knowledge. Make sure to dispose of any expired food items, makeup, and body care products prior to moving day.
3) Holy or worn out sheets. Check in with your local animal shelter, as many shelters will take these items to assist in caring for animals in need before you trash the old towels or sheets.
4) Outdated or unused clothing. Being that it would be foolish to pack up clothes you cannot wear at your new destination, it is a smart idea to take a thorough look at your closet while preparing for your move. You can also donate or sell any clothes which haven’t been worn in the last six months, to take the process a step further.
5) Media that no longer is used. Though there are many options for digital alternatives, those that still use CDs, DVDs or similar media items should sort through the collections and donate movies and music that are no longer use.

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