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Why it is Better to Declutter Before a Move from Culver City, CA; Downsize Haul & More

Experts are constantly recommending decluttering your home prior to a move. Over time, people accumulate junk and stuff they simply do not need. Moving presents the perfect opportunity to downsize your stuff. To help you reduce your haul, we at Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to offer some suggestions to help you declutter your home before you pack to move.

Why Should I Declutter Before Moving?

When you downsize your haul, you not alleviate yourself the burden of unnecessary possessions, but you will decrease the time and effort you spend packing up your, make unpacking simpler, and reduce the cost of moving.
Free up space in the new home: Whether you are moving to a bigger home or a smaller one in the new area, you can free up a lot of space and use the square footage for something else. For example, instead of an endless sea of boxes in your basement, you can turn it into a game room with a ping pong table or other such entertainment, or even a home office.
Reduce Stress: Making the packing and unpacking less work, you do not have to stress of where things should be placed.

Decluttering Tips to Make a Move Less Stressful

Declutter one room at a time. This tactic helps the project not be so overwhelming.
Prepare: Gather up the necessary materials as the first step in decluttering. Have garbage bags, cardboard boxes, fresh markers, clear packing tape, and a note cards. Use the garbage bags to toss, broken, or useless items, and label the box donation, and general contents; such as clothes, dishes, electronics, and so on, as well as the room they came from and card and tape to the box.
Sorting: If you are starting the bedrooms, tackle the closets first and simply go through each item and decide if its trash, or if you ant to donate an item, you can also have a secondary box you can label if you want to have a yard sale.
What to keep and what to not: Some people have a hard time letting go. Ask yourself if you have used a questionable item in the last 12 months, if you haven’t at all or sparingly, not counting seasonal items, consider tossing it or donating it. During this time, you can start the packing and labeling process for items you do not necessarily use, but want to pack up, such as keepsakes.
Get rid of the boxes and bags as you go: The moving boxes can be placed in a corner of the room so movers can get to it easy, or you can take advantage of storage facility to get the packed boxes that are going with you out of the way throughout the process. As the garbage bags fill, be sure to toss them, or you can recycle if appropriate. As you get donation boxes, take them a few at a time to make sure you have room as you got through your home. Yard sale items should have a designated area as you prepare for that event.

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As you continue to decrease the bulk or your things, you will have relief they are out of the way and packing will be a smooth, and simple activity. Whether you are looking for moving services and/or storage solutions for your next move, call Prodigy Moving & Storage and let us help your move be more successful.