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Common Long Distance Moving Day Mistakes in Chatsworth, CA; Skipping In Home Estimate & More

Whether you are planning a long distance move for career, family, or school, the notion can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. No matter where you are going, the move can be quite stressful and overwhelming. With so much to do, many people make mistakes when planning their move that hinders the efficiency or increases the cost of moving. Today, we at Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to share the common mistakes that are made when planning a long-distance move in an effort to help you avoid them.

Don’t Make These Mistakes when Moving Long Distance

1) Moving too much stuff is a mistake. The more you have, the more it costs to move, and transporting your belongings is not a standard cost. The sentimental treasures, valued possessions, and the items you can’t part with are definitely things most people want to hang on to but downsizing your possessions can help control the moving expenses. As you prepare one room at a time, separate the contents into three groups; items you need to trash or recycle, items that are going with you, and items that you want to sell or donate. Keep in mind, if you haven’t used something in over 12 months, you are not likely going to and you should consider parting with it.
2) Being unorganized makes moving harder. Though many people see the value in breaking down the furniture and other bulkier items, few execute it efficiently. No matter if you have the professionals do it for you, or your tackle the project yourself, keep track of the hardware as it can be easily misplaced. People who lose parts and pieces are those that do not follow a well-organized approach. Start with labeling freezer bags to the appropriate pieces they belong to, keep notes in the bag of hardware how it was disassembled so you can keep track of the hardware and better reassemble the furniture when you get to your new home.
3) Don’t skip the “in-home” estimate. When comparing moving companies, the in-home estimate is one of the most important steps in a move, and one of the most overlooked. Without the in-home estimate you cannot properly plan and project the cost of the move or know what the various restrictions the different moving companies have. All things that are involved with the move to your long-distance location include special requirements, weight, size, and other additional factors. Be sure to get your in-house estimate for your long-distance move, to prevent surprise fees and to better understand the rules of the freight.
4) Not considering the new home layout and square footage when moving. Keep in mind that the square footage doesn’t always mean you’re getting more space when you prepare to move into a new house. Just because the new house might have more square footage than your current home, it doesn’t always mean you will have more space for your possessions. The designed layout of the floor plan, and square footage of each room can dictate your actual space. For instance, you may have more square footage in the living room, but it can be “L” shape or obscure pattern, or perhaps the bedrooms are much smaller to compensate for the odd floor plan. Just keep this in mind as you downsize.

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