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Declutter Checklist for Moving in Northridge, CA; Organizing & Minimizing Before a Move

Living in the same home for more than five years means you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. The stuff you own says something about who you are and the things you’re passionate about. You have lots of books because you like to read and you have a guitar because you love to play, right? This collection of things doesn’t seem like a big deal until it’s time to move, and just because you can take everything, doesn’t mean that you should.

Moving Less Belongings Saves Money

There are two factors to look at when you decide its time to get rid of things before you move. One, moving is expensive. The American Moving and Storage Association states that the average cost of an intrastate move averages about $2,300, and two, the cost to move is a calculation on several factors with the biggest factor being the overall weight of your load. Everyone wants to save money. That means the less you take the more you’ll save. This sounds simple, but it may just be the hardest thing you’ll need to do.

Reasons to Reduce Your Load when Moving House

1. Saving money when moving. Professional moving companies will perform a visual inspection of your home when you hire them to move you. This inspection will also assess any danger involved with the move. Therefore, the fewer things you have the less it will weigh and will be reflected in the quote. When moving day arrives, the actual weight will be determined when all your belonging have been loaded onto the truck. You may save even more when this weight is finalized.
2. Making money by selling unwanted items. The expense of moving can be countered when you earn some extra cash by getting rid of unwanted items before moving day. Consider holding a garage sale to lighten your load and put some money in your pocket.
3. Save time and space in moving truck or van. Selling, repurposing, donating, recycling or throwing away unwanted items is the most powerful way to save big. On top of that, it allows you to save time when you don’t have to pack them and save space because you won’t need to store them.

How to Decide What to Get Rid of when Moving

Now that you know the benefits of moving with less stuff, you’ll need to figure out what to get rid of and what to do with them. Start the sorting process one room at a time. Start with the rooms that have the most stuff and only stop when it’s done. Next, start sorting the largest items like appliances, furniture, etc. and move to smaller items like books, clothing, etc. Finally, come up with a method to complete the task of sorting faster with 4 groups; must-take, valuables, unwanted/unneeded items and useless items. It becomes much easier to get rid of things once the sorting is complete. Your options are to sell it online, sell it at a moving sale, give it away to friends and family, donate to charity and/or recycle.

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