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Moving Cost Breakdown in Hidden Hills, CA; Specialty Packing, Crating Expenses & More

Moving may end up costing you more than you think it will. Make sure you are fully prepared with a sufficient budget to pay for your move. Most people tend to go with the company that offers them the best deal but there are hidden costs. The overall cost is what we focus on most because it will take the biggest chunk out of our budget, but the smaller costs can push it to the limit. The problem is that many companies will not disclose all the costs because they want to hold onto to you as a customer. This is dishonest and can cost you if you don’t ask enough questions before you sign the contract.

Hidden Moving Expenses of Other Moving Companies

1. Specialty packing costs. This cost can arise with fragile or valuable items like TVs, mirrors or sculptures that may need extra packing. They will take extra steps to ensure these items are protected and then charge you for it.
2. Crating charges. Make sure you are aware of special crates that might be used during your move. These will increase the cost of your move if you have lots of fragile items.
3. Fuel surcharges. Many companies will neglect to go over fuel surcharges when you sign the contract. This charge will be added on moving day with the change of the cost of fuel. The charge will range from 5% to 18% in the cost of the move.
4. Long carry charge. If the distance from where the truck can park is far from the house, there may be a long carry charge. The amount will depend on the distance and will be different from one company to the next. First 100 feet may be free with an additional $50 for each 100 feet.
5. Stair carry charges. You may end up paying more if lots of stairs are involved. The first floor or two may be free but additional flights may cost more. Some may charge $50-$150 for each flight.

Hidden Costs Not Due to the Moving Company

1. Relocation time. Time is money and the time spent during the relocation can be wasted if it’s not used wisely. Manage your time so you don’t waste any of it!
2. Unexpected delays. Try and plan for unexpected delays like a breakdown or an injury. You will need to think about lodging and the extra money that will be spent.
3. Communication costs. Streamline the whole moving process by notifying your relatives of your new home address and other communication needs.
4. Shelves and racks. Think about organizing your new home. Getting those shelves and racks in good shape may require money.
5. Renewal and connection fees. These fees will be more significant if you’re moving to another state. Drivers licenses, vehicle registrations and health cards along with connecting all of your utilities.

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