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Do’s & Don’ts of Packing for a Move in El Segundo, CA; Do Buy Right Materials to Pack Items & More

The thought of an upcoming move can be stressful to the millions of Americans that do it every year. Many moving companies offer packing services, or you can do the packing yourself. You can save some money if you do it yourself but it will take a lot longer. Plus, if you have packed your own items and something gets broken, the movers will not take liability for those items unless there is clear cut damage to the outside of the box.

Packing Do’s and Don’ts when Moving to a New House

1. Don’t recycle different sized cardboard boxes when packing. If you can help it, don’t use old boxes, especially for fragile items. Some used boxes are in good shape but it will make stacking and loading more difficult if they are different sizes. Make sure to use high-quality dish packs, bubble wrap and packing paper for dishes. Use lots of packing tape to reinforce the boxes you use and don’t use boxes with holes or any other damage.
2. Do buy the right packing materials. Don’t grab old newspaper to pack your belongings. Spend the money to buy packing paper so you won’t have to clean the ink off all your items. Buy peanuts and bubble wrap for fragile items and don’t use any other tape other than packing tape to secure your boxes.
3. Do clean items before packing. Packing items that are dirty doesn’t make sense. This just adds more work for you once you get to your new home. Don’t pack any items that you know you don’t want in your new home. Get rid of the clutter now rather than later.
4. Do pack a moving bag for yourself. You will want to pack a bag that has two weeks of clothing and supplies. You will want to make sure you have towels, toiletries, medication, cell phone chargers and any other items you use every day. Keep this bag in your car on moving day, so it doesn’t get put in the truck.
5. Do a last-out-first-in box. This is the box that will have the things you need when you get to your new home. This box may include a couple rolls of toilet paper, paper plates and utensils, napkins, a couple of pans, sheets for the beds and anything else you think will make the first day or two easier.
6. Do label everything when packing. After you have cleaned all your items, you must label everything. Failing to do so will just make things harder when you get to your new home. Give yourself lots of time to pack and label before the big day.
7. Do color code packing boxes and rooms. Color coding boxes and rooms makes things easier for the mover and you. Adding the color coding to the labels lets the movers will know where everything goes.
8. Don’t pack important papers. Always keep important papers with you. You can use a file folder to organize documents that you need to keep on hand and may get lost in the moving process.

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It’s not too hard to pack if you do it right and there will be fewer hassles on moving day if you follow these dos and don’ts. Call Prodigy Moving & Storage to discuss your upcoming move.