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Commercial Relocation Plan in Downey, CA; How to Move a Business to a New Location

Nothing can match the stress of relocating a business, no matter whether it is across the State or just to a nearby city; the move is costly for a business. Two to three days without revenue, the cost of the move itself, items lost or damaged during the move. As stressful as moving your home, a business move the stress is multiplied.

Checklist for Relocating a Business

Start planning the move early: Never underestimate the time needed to pack for the move. Many businesses have more to move than the typical home. Printers, scanners, fax machines, computers and the like all are important to a business and all are vulnerable to damage.
Invest in proper packing materials. Commercial possessions involve some very expensive items. Proper packing materials help you to organize the move while providing the maximum protection for your office and other equipment. Cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, moving blankets, tape, clear zip-lock bags with pens and markers for labeling.
Downgrade and organize equipment and supplies before loading: Moving provides an opportunity to downsize or upgrade your equipment. You probably have some stuff you don’t need and serves little purpose in your day-to-day operations. Or you may upgrade some of your equipment or materials. Old phones, office furniture, printers, copiers, PC’s and older obsolete office supplies. What to do? Donate; it saves you the hassle of packing, you can earn some money and establish a tax write-off.
Label and/or color code moving boxes: You need to label everything. Clearly label contents and where in the office it is destined to be dropped off. You will be able to quickly locate and set up or distribute items at the destination location. Numbering boxes and an inventory list keyed to each box will assist in establishing a claim in case of loss. Assign a number to each office or workstation so the packed material can be delivered to the point of use.
Correctly pack computers and peripherals. Never double stack electronic office equipment. Wrap monitors in thick moving blankets or bubble wrap. Make sure that they fit snugly containers or enough cushioning materials are included to prevent movement inside of the shipping box or container.
o Park your hard drives, make sure the last thing you do before killing the power and packaging, do your backups. Hard drives are relatively inexpensive, back up all data.
o Cables; ugly and unsightly but all so necessary. Remove all cabling, you don’t want to bend pins or damage ports during the move. Zip lock bags will store the cables and allow them to be placed in the same container as the computer, peripheral or copier. Read any and all moving instruction in the equipment’s owner manual or any warning labels.
Dissemble furniture: Work, storage and seating are the primary purpose of office furniture and their integrity guaranteed.
o Chairs, couches and other seating arrangement are many times oddly shaped. You best bet if possible is to disassemble and wrap vulnerable components in bubble wrap.
o Storage: File cabinets can be moved but securely tape or lock the drawers shut.
o Work surfaces like desks need to have the drawers removed. Tape all non-removable drawers shut and protect and load glass items separately.
Moving insurance. No matter how careful and organized you are accidents do happen. By the definition a accident it is not a planned event, is unexpected and can unfold rapidly. Make sure that all rentals include rental insurance. If a mover in involved make sure they are insured and bonded to cover any loss to you. Check warranties and make sure all aspects of the move are insured against accidental loss.

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A lot to remember. A business move could be done in stages. Move some equipment and people to the new location and then the rest later to avoid excessive disruption and downtime. A professional mover like Prodigy Moving & Storage can be of immeasurable assistance in a move of a commercial enterprise. We relieve stress on yourself and your employees as well as make the move safe and organized. Contact us to schedule a moving consultation today!