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Downsizing Tips when Moving to a Smaller House & Decluttering Belongings in Marina Del Rey, CA

When moving, many homeowners often want to downsize. Whether you are moving into a smaller home or just don’t want to bring unwanted junk with you to your new home, many will look for ways to downsize before a move. There are a number of ways to downsize your belongings before a move. However, it is best to start early. For those seeking advice on how to downsize before a move, Prodigy Moving & Storage will share a few tips on downsizing for a simpler move.

Packing & Moving Tips for How to Organize Before a Move

When you want to downsize before you move, the first step is to organize what you have. You will want to create five major categories: Sell, Donate, Recycle, Throw Away, and Keep. You will want to begin this process early on to give yourself plenty of time to organize and separate your things into these four categories.
1. Sell: If you wish to make a few bucks before you move you may want to give yourself time to set up a yard sell. As you begin to go through your home you will want to put items in good condition that you don’t want off to the side to be either donated or sold in a garage sale or online. Some items may be able to be sold online if not used or lightly used, while others probably will be better sold at a garage sale. When you begin separating items that can be sold make a secondary pile for items that can be donated. If you don’t have much luck selling your items you may want to donate it.
2. Donate: There are a number items such as clothing, furniture, dishes and décor that can be donated. Many people will first try to sell unwanted items first. However, not everything may get sold. This is when you can locate a local donation center. Make sure to look up the donation center and see want items they will except as each will vary.
3. Recycle: Many items can be recycled that may be in poor condition or broken. Some recycle centers will even pay for certain materials such as copper, aluminum, cardboard, paper, metal and even electronics. When you have a few broken or dying appliances, TV, or monitor, look for your neighborhood recycle center and see what items can be recycled. You can even make a few bucks doing it.
4. Throw Away: When going through your home there are items you simply will just need to throw away such as old mattresses, broken furniture and etc. As your “throw away” pile grows, you may want to consider renting a dumpster to dispose of the throw away items. You may not need a dumpster, however, you may be surprised to find that you do. When moving don’t bring trash with you. Make the move more simple and throw away broken or damaged items or simply trash.
5. Keep: When going through your home there will be a lot you will keep. This isn’t the challenge. The challenge is packing items you can’t do without and leaving certain items to the very last moment to pack. It is wise to begin packing a month or even sooner before a move. There will be items you will need to keep out until the last moment. Some items such as dishes, cooking wear, hygiene and clothing are essential. Start packing the items you know you won’t need daily or within the near future.

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When moving we wish you luck downsizing your home. If you need the aid of a professional moving service, contact Prodigy Moving & Storage today.