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How to Prepare House & Property for Packers & Movers in Pomona, CA; Clear Walkway & More

If you’ve hired a professional moving company for your next move, you made a great choice! You’ll get things packed and moved in a fraction of the time and you won’t pull a hamstring or throw out your back in the process. Most professional moving companies prefer for you to sit back and relax while they do the hard work, it’s easier for everyone if you allow them to take over. Companies such as Prodigy Moving and Storage have employees with years of experience in the moving industry and know just what to do to get you on your way quickly, safely and efficiently. There are a few things you can do before the movers arrive that will have them jumping for joy. These things are not required, simply recommended if you are looking for ways to lend a helping hand before the big move.

Reserve a Parking Space for the Moving Truck

The closer to your home, the better. If you live in a congested area it can be difficult to find a great spot to park that will be convenient for the movers to get in and out. Rally up a neighbor or a friend and park your cars in the spaces most convenient for the driver to park near your home, then move your vehicles when they arrive.

Reserve a Designated Space for Restricted Items the Movers Will Not be Touching

There are items that shouldn’t be moved in the moving truck (important documents, phone chargers, medications, valuable, heirlooms etc.). Keep these items in boxes and out of the way in a designated room or kitchen counter. During the initial walk through, inform your movers that that space does not need to be moved. This will clear up any confusion and keep things flowing at a steady rate.

Unplug all Electronics, Lamps & Appliances when Moving

Most of us are guilty of having a menagerie of cords tucked away behind our T.V. stands. While your movers don’t mind untangling the mess of cords to XBOX’s and cable boxes, you will actually save money in the end if this step is already complete on moving day. By unplugging everything before the movers arrive, we have the ability to grab and go which saves us time and saves you money.

Clear a Walkway for Moving Company

Movers really appreciate having a clear port of entry and exit. This increases safety for the movers and saves a lot of time. Remove floor and door mats, rugs, potted plants, hanging plants or wind chimes and prop the front door open if possible.

Strip Mattresses & Fold Bedding for Movers

This will allow the movers to pack and haul the bed away quicker than you can say lickety split.

Drain Gas from Lawn Mower & Yard Equipment

Movers can not move gas or anything flammable, do this step ahead of time and you’ll be good to go for moving day.

Clear out Fridge & freezer. Defrost Freezer

If you don’t eat everything in you7r freezer in time, either give it to a neighbor or toss it out, movers won’t move perishable food items, and you don’t want water dripping from the freezer onto your possessions in the truck. Having your fridge/freezer cleaned and ready to go for moving day will save you and your movers the hassle.

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Your movers will love you and appreciate you for doing these small things. It also never hurts to have water, Gatorade and on the go snacks available for the crew. These guys work hard and could use a little energy throughout the day. Prodigy Moving & Storage can help you with all your moving needs, we love our customers and we work hard for you! Give us a call to schedule your next move!