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How Can I Make My Apartment Move Easier in Covina, CA? Color Coded Packing & More

Finding the right apartment can take a long time. Once you do find it, it’s time to move but the stress leading up to the move on top of things that can go wrong can be a recipe for disaster. Moving into an apartment means you’ll have to deal with other residents and the rules that are in place with many apartment buildings. There are stairs to deal with if an elevator isn’t available and you can get hurt. But that doesn’t mean the process needs to be miserable. If you plan ahead you can alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty that comes with any move. Prodigy Moving & Storage offers helpful tips below.

Tips for Packing & Moving to a New Apartment?

1. Use a color coded packing system. It can be stressful to figure out where all your boxes go when you arrive at your new apartment. They all go in different rooms so use stickers or markers to color code them to save yourself time and make the move easier. For example, use blue for the boxes that belong in the kitchen, red for your bedroom, yellow for the kitchen, etc.
2. Leave clothes on hangers. Save time and keep clothes on the hangers. Use a rubber band or a zip tie to pull them together. You can then use a trash bag pulled over your clothes to protect them during the move. This tip will save time when you unpack.
3. Protect furniture when moving. You can remove the hardware form dressers and tape them to the inside of the drawers. This will make it easy to find them once you arrive and they won’t stick out either. Use old blankets to protect your furniture. Sheets are also a good way to keep your furniture safe from scratches and dings
4. When packing, utilize linens. Save boxes you would use for linens by using them to protect fragile items. Use towels and sheets to wrap dishes or pictures and simply wash them when you unpack. You can also feel good about helping the planet when you cut down on the amount of plastic you would have used to wrap fragile items.
5. Declutter before moving. Take an inventory of your belongings. Everyone has items that they don’t need anymore. Do you have items that are even worth packing? Consider donating or selling those items because reducing means you’ll save money on moving supplies and more have more room for fun new things at your new apartment!

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These tips may not completely eliminate the stress of the day, but they can make the experience a more positive one. Save yourself the stress of any move by hiring professionals to take care of all the details. Contact Prodigy Moving & Storage to make your move one to remember for good reasons.