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How Do You Declutter & Organize Before Moving from Rosemead, CA? Inventory & More

When you know that you have to move from a place that you have gotten used to and go on to a new place that is different and unfamiliar it can be stressful. There are lots of things that is needed to get a move scheduled and taken care of. If you skip any steps when moving it can be hard to recover knowing that some things are not done. The hard part is trying to organize and get your things ready so you can pack and load them on a truck. You need to have a clear timeline on when you plan on moving and what it will take. That way you can lay out what is needed and make sure that everything is done. It is hard to make up if you miss out on things that are needed. A huge part of the move is to make sure that the things in your house are ready to be packed. Having that area organized is a great way to allow the packing and loading to go smoothly. Prodigy Moving & Storage offers helpful tips to organize your belongings to pack and load.

Inventory Each Room

You want to take a clipboard and some paper around to each room in the house. You want to look at what is in the room and have a good list of what you have. The list will help you to organize the rooms so when it is time to pack the space you are ready to do so.

What Should I Sell Before Moving?

One of the best things that you can do is to find what you have in your house that is no longer useful to you and put it up for sale. You can use your list that was made and go through to see what you have that has not been utilized in the past 12 months. This is a great factor in determining if something is used enough to take up any space in your moving truck. If an item is just taking up space it is blocking room in the truck that could be used for necessary items. The other great thing about selling off some of your items is that you are making money while condensing down the things that are left to pack. Now you can use the internet to post pictures and descriptions of what you have to sell which makes it much simpler.

What to Donate Before You Move?

Now that you have looked through what you can sell you want to make a list of what you can donate. Some items are better left donated rather than taking the time and effort to try and sell online. This might be items of clothing or small kitchen appliances that you have no use for. When you make a list of items to donate you can take them down or have them picked up and they often will offer a slip to write it off on your taxes.

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