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Tips for How to Cope when Packing & Moving with a Toddler in Azusa, CA?

No matter how well adults plan things out in their heads, children have a way to setting the tone for how things go in our lives. We have to accommodate our little ones for everything we do, even a trip to the grocery store can seem like field trip. Moving is a much bigger task to tackle when you have young children on board. Kids understandably get restless and need entertainment to stay content. If you are planning a big move and don’t know where to start, Prodigy Moving & Storage has a few tips and tricks to make this move a bit less stressful.

How to Pack when Moving with a Toddler

Kids, especially young kids are working on all of their fine and gross motor skills every day. They find it fascinating to take things out and put them back, whether it be out of drawers, cabinets or moving boxes. When it’s time for you to start packing, sit down and make a plan, then stick to that plan. Be realistic in your goals and leave plenty of time open for breaks to stop and play with your little ones. When you write out your plan, be sure to include what should be packed first, and what to save for very last. You don’t want to pack up the wrong items, only to go diving through boxes to find it later. Clearly label each box with the items inside and which room it will be going into at your new home. Kids love climbing, it’s another one of those motor skills we just discussed, consider using a spare room, garage, or other storage space to store your packed in the meantime to avoid falls. Consider using your moving service to do all the big packing so you can have the time you need to be there for your littles. Know which items you will be keeping in your vehicle with you and which items your littles can live without. Having a list written out for your on-board essentials bag will alleviate a lot of the stress you feel when the last second suddenly arrives and the rush begins.

Essentials Bags & First Aid Kits when Moving

This will be the bag you keep with you in your vehicle for the trip. In previous blogs, we offered advice for what to pack for essentials bags for both adults and pets. Refer back to those for some insights for Mom, Dad and Fido. Start with their clothing. Keep it comfortable for long trips such as this, pack 2 outfits a day, and a pair of pajamas for each child. This way if there is an accident or a spill, they can have a clean set of clothes to change into. Some of the best items to bring along to keep them entertained are interactive books wood puzzles, kid-friendly tablets or on-board DVD system, small wind-up or other silly toys for imaginative play and window clings for them to play with. Find fun games to play along the way like, spotting blue cars or big trucks, tell them about landmarks and the cities you travel through, teach them about the types of trees your seeing and have them tell you when they spot one. Games like these will keep their brains working and keep boredom at bay. Be sure to bring warm blankets and their favorite stuffed animal for them to snuggle up with during naps and consider a neck pillow for extra comfort. Bring a cooler packed with their favorite healthy snacks, milk, juice and water. Plenty of baby wipes and wet ones will make clean-up much simpler. In your emergency kit, stock up with the essentials for boo-boos, band-aids, hydrogen peroxide, triple antibiotic, any medication they take etc. Keep a flashlight and glow sticks in there too in case you need to find something in the dark.

Expect the Unexpected when Moving with a Child

Moving with little ones is never an easy task. Consider planning for an extra ½-full day of driving to ensure you have plenty of time for rest-stops and potty breaks. You’ll be glad you did. Kids need to stretch their little legs and refuel on long trips like these. Doing so will make all the difference and keep them a lot less stressed and bored. Let’s face it, things don’t always go as planned and that’s okay! Expect the unexpected and set your standards at a reasonable level for this trip.

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Take all the time you need and don’t rush as moving will be stressful and tiresome for everyone. Prodigy Moving & Storage can help you with your move from A-Z in the State of California, including packing all your items for you. Give us a call if you have further questions!