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How Do I Plan an Apartment Move & Make it Feel Cozy in Lakewood, CA? Unpack, Remove Boxes & More

When you move into a new apartment it can feel a bit overwhelming. Homeowners have a lot of options to make the space their very own with paint, installation and construction of whatever their heart desires. Renters are more limited but that doesn’t mean they can’t take steps to customize their space. They can add aesthetic touches and prep the space in ways that can make it their own. Prodigy Moving & Storage offers helpful tips below.

How Can I Make My New Apartment Feel Cozy?

1. Remove the packing boxes. This seems like a no-brainer but it’s easier said than done. Life is busy and it can be easy to ignore all those boxes for weeks. Your apartment will feel homier very quickly when you get everything unpacked as quickly as possible.
2. Unpack the big things. Get all your big items set up first. These include furniture, lamps and any other items that need to be assembled. This will help you create a blueprint of your new living space and will help you decide where everything else will go so you can feel comfortable as soon as possible.
3. Make your bed. You can quickly create a cozy home when you have a newly made bed. Set the bed up right away and relax as you go through all your bedroom items and decide where they will all go.
4. Prepare the bathroom. Most of the items for your bathroom will be brought from your old place, and you will need them every day. Getting everything set up in the bathroom will give you a sense of comfort and can make all the difference in your new place.
5. Create an open space. Apartments can make some people feel a bit claustrophobic. There are steps you can take to open up the space. You can open the windows or use incandescent bulbs to replace natural light if you don’t have a lot of access to it.
6. Unpack an item from home. If you find yourself a long way from home, unpack the things that will remind of it. Pictures with friends and/or family and items you’ve had forever can bring you comfort and reduce stress.
7. Make sure your new home is secure. Statistics show that more than 30% of all apartment burglars get in through a door or window. Check all the windows and doors as soon as you move in so you can feel safe and secure. If you find any issues, you will need to call the manager to take care of it right away.
8. Relax after moving. End the first few days buy curling up on the sofa, putting a movie or your favorite show and relaxing. A cozy night in with some snacks and the beverage of your choosing can be all you need to feel right at home.

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