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What is Smartest Way to Move in Alhambra, CA? Will Furniture Fit in New House & More

With moving being in the top three stressful moments of a person’s life and that is why there are tons of tips, tricks and ideas on how to smooth the stress out. It seems that the most common talked about tip is to make sure that you are prepared in advance and make a list of what needs to be done. When you are moving you want to make sure that you think about the major parts of the move and what you can do about getting ready. You also want to make sure that you think about the more obscure parts of moving. When you are moving long distance it is important to not allow small tasks get in the way of staying on track. A long distance move needs to be moving smoothly to ensure that there is not anything preventing you from getting out and on the road. This is why you also need some uncommon and more obscure tips on moving. Prodigy Moving & Storage offers some uncommon and obscure moving tips.

Will My Furniture Fit in My New House?

If you follow all the rules of moving and have labels and boxes ready to go you can still over look some aspects. One of the things that can be overlooked is if the items that you need to move will fit. When it comes to your bed, couch, armoire, piano and more they can be taken down to smaller piece but still tend to be quite large. If you start to take the item out through the house and realize that it will not fit can really be problematic. You want to make sure that you do some thought on how to get each thing out. You also want to make sure that you measure and make arrangements to make the space that is needed. You may need to remove a door to get the items out of the home. This will make sure that your moving day run smoothly.

Take Photos Before You Take Apart Furniture

You want to make sure that you also look at the things that you are taking apart and recognize that you will need to put them back together. An obscure but necessary tip is to take lots of pictures. You want to look at how your wires are set up for your electronics and take picture to help when you set back up. You also can take pictures of how you set up your couches of what hardware is needed for each of the things that you take apart. This will help to make the set up at your new home smooth.

Use what Packing Supplies Do I Need when Moving?

You can use your Styrofoam and your paper plates to protect your glassware. Use one in-between each plate to secure them from damage. You can also use a basket of socks to place around your stemware such as wine glasses to protect them. You also can use blankets that are in your house to protect wood surfaces when they are being moved. You can use them for the move and still have them moved over so you have them when you arrive.

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