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How Do I Merge Two Households when Packing & Moving in Together in Whittier, CA?

Each and every day couples across the country begin the process of combining households. Moving in with your significant other is an amazing step in your relationship. Unfortunately many couples find that the process ends up causing lots of fights and tension. Today Prodigy Moving & Storage has some tips for you on how to make sure that your experience goes smoothly.

Discuss Vision for New Home

The first step that you want to take is openly discussing the process with your partner. Each of you will likely have to get rid of some of your belongings during this move. Getting both of you on the same page before you start will help everything go smoother once you start the process. You will want to talk about each and every room in your house during this discussion. Talking about your vision for your house may be intense but it will definitely be worth it.

Measure New Place for Furniture Layout

During this phase of preparation it may be helpful to take a measuring tape to your new home and measure your space. Drawing a sketch of your home may be helpful. Then go back to your homes and measure any pieces of furniture necessary as you make decisions about what furniture to move into your combined home.

Decluttering & Downsizing Before the Move

Once you have talked about the vision for your home you will be ready to start tackling the belongings in your home in preparation for the move. You will likely have items that you need to get rid of. Take the time leading up to your move to get rid of these items. With so many options available to sell your secondhand items you may wish to sell some of them. Facebook yard sale groups, OfferUp, Craigs List, yard sales, and more are all ways to effectively sell your items. Anything that you do not want to sell you can donate or throw away. Local charities and secondhand stores are always looking for donations. Any items that still have some life in them you may want to donate.

Pack to Move

After you have gotten rid of the items that you know you do not need, you can begin packing up your home. As you pack be attentive to each item that you put in the boxes. Items that you may not have gone through in the step above you may realize you do not need. Do not pack everything in autopilot mode. Get rid of extra items as you pack.

Moving Day Plan

You will want to come up with a plan for moving day. Will you both move each house together? Will you hire Prodigy Moving to move both homes? Will you do both houses on the same day? Having a plan that both people know and understand will help everyone involved in the move.

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When you have both of your belongings in your new home you may find that some conflict arises as you unpack your items. Try to address the conflict peacefully. Remember that your partner is just as tired from the moving process as you are. Prodigy Moving & Storage can’t wait to help you take this next step in your relationship!