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How Do You Downsize when You Move in Hawthorne, CA? Packing, Storing & More

When you are moving to a new house it can be for many different reasons. Some people move to relocate for a new job while others want to be near family. There are also people that when they move long distance they start to downsize to make the move easier. When you are moving to a new place there is a lot that goes into moving and it can be stressful and hard to handle. When you move to a location that you have never been and you are also downsizing you need to make sure you have some tips to make it all work. Downsizing to smaller rooms can be hard when you still need to fit as much of your belongings in as you need. Prodigy Moving & Storage offers helpful ideas on how you can create much needed space for your move when you downsize.

Beds with Storage

One of the ways that you can create space that you might need when you downsize is the bed. Most people look for a bed that looks great but don’t realize how much space is available. There are lots of beds that offer more than just a spot to keep you bed. You can get a bed that has drawers that are built in and beds that have shelves. Now you can use a smaller or no dresser at all. You can use the built in drawers in your bed to keep your belongings. You can also use the shelving that come with the bed to leave your things like lotions and clock. You want to make sure that no space is wasted when you downsize.

Wall Hooks

The walls in your new room offer options where you can place some type of storage. Although these are great spaces to use you also want to think outside the box. The area that you can use is behind your door. The best way that you can do that is to get a hook that can be hung over the door. This will be a great place to hang your robe, jackets and other outdoor clothes. The hook can clear up space that might otherwise be in your dresser or your closet.

Corner Cabinets

Many people think that they can use the walls as a spot to create storage. They can of course but you do not want to discount the corners of the room. If you have an open corner it is a good idea to find a cabinet that will fit in that area. The corner is great to open up some space that you can use without taking up too much of the wall space.

Hang Jewelry

The other area that you might be struggling with is that you don’t have space for a traditional jewelry case. The great thing is that you can purchase hooks from a home improvement store and they can be used to hang and keep your jewelry. This is a way to reduce the clutter that might be taking over surfaces.

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