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How Do You Move with Kids in Santa Monica, CA? Come Up with a Moving Plan & More

Here at Prodigy Moving & Storage we help all sorts of different people move their belongings to their new home within the state of California. As we help our customers move their belongings we enjoy talking to them about how they plan to get their family to their new location. Over the years we have come across some fantastic tips for how to move your children. Today we want to share some of these tips with you.

Come Up with a Moving Plan

First up you will want to take the time to make a plan. Without a plan your long drive across the state of California can be a large disaster. Nothing is worse than having hours left in the car and your kids are screaming, crying, and out of control. Having a plan to keep your kids happy in the car is an absolute must. Do not leave the happiness and cooperation of your children on the road up to chance.

Pack for Each Child

As you start to come up with a plan you will want to take the time to consider the individual needs and interests of all of your children. Think about what will keep them entertained, what kind of snacks they would like, and what they will need in the car to be comfortable in the car. Every child will need something different. Do not make the mistake of packing the exact same way for all of your children. They will all need their own individual plan. Once you have a plan for them you will want to pack their bags. You will want to pack bags for your kids to take in the car with them before Prodigy Moving & Storage arrives to pack your belongings. It would be terrible to go to pack your kids bag only to find out that the items that you were wanting to pack are in a box in the back of the moving truck. Before you get in the car you will want to sit down and talk to your kids about the drive. Let them know what they have in the bags to keep them entertained and comfortable. Then when they get in the car they will know what they have to use on the road. This will help you avoid questions about what is in their bags once you are on the road.

Map Drive to New Place

Many families have found that printing out a map of their route for each child can be helpful. On this map you will want to highlight cities that you will pass through. Then as you drive through those cities your kids can cross them off of your map. The visual of how far along the journey they are will help your children know how close they are getting to your destination.

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Hopefully if you follow these steps you and your kids will have a more enjoyable drive to your new home. Then when you arrive everyone will be happier when they get there. Call Prodigy Moving & Storage for all your moving needs!