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How Do You Pack Fast & Efficiently for a Last Minute Move in Claremont, CA?

Where moving to a new home is a thrilling prospect, most agree the moving process is tedious. There are quite a few things that need to be done, arrangements need to be made, and the steps required to finding a new home, possibly selling the old home, scheduling inspections, downsizing the home’s contents, packing, and all of the other overwhelming chores involved in moving. As stressful as all this is, you can minimize the stress and better organize your move by following these tips that we at Prodigy Moving & Storage have prepared before your moving day.

Prepare a Travel Bag of Essentials

After unloading the truck, or arriving before the moving van gets there, you will want a few essentials with you, especially if you are doing the driving to get to your location and have a few stops along the way. Make sure you have toothbrush and toothpaste, toilet paper, work clothes, pajamas, laptops, tablets, and chargers. Make sure these few essentials are with your day-of-moving bag, so it won’t get confused with stuff getting loaded in the moving truck.

Ready a First Box to Unpack

There are some basic needs for the first day in the home you will want to unpack. Be sure to have this box labeled and everything you need. Consider basics for eating such as plastic utensils, napkins, paper towels, paper cups, and perhaps some cookware if you intend on cooking right away. Make certain your unpacking tools are including such as a box cutter, trash bags, scissors, and tools you may need for furniture assembly. Power strips, battery chargers for electric tools, and so on, might also be a good idea.

Ensure the New Home is Ready

Where preparing the new home with shower curtains, stocked bathrooms, pantry, and other needs might be difficult from a long distance, if you have family and friends close to the new home, they may be willing to prepare. Otherwise, be sure the utilities are readily turned on for your arrival to make sure the HVAC system can provide comfort, lights are on, and you can enjoy a hot shower the first day home.

Out Of Season Clothes Can Be Packed First

Starting to pack can be hard to figure out where to start. The things you know are not going to need should be first, such as the clothes that are not in season. To reduce the space, vacuum seal the clothes. To help minimize the packed boxes and offer more space to pack, consider a storage facility to store the boxes that are ready to be moved.

Include Room Location on Box Labels

This simple action not only saves time, but it can help avoid confusion. There are many ways to code the boxes for specific rooms. Use color coded label systems, or colored tape, or simply write plainly where each box needs to be sent to.

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Having a professional help with your move can help tremendously. No matter if you want all your moving covered by a pro, or select services, Prodigy Moving & Storage can help make your move smooth and successful as well as provide storage solutions. Call us today to schedule your all moving needs.