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How to Pack for Temporary Housing & Make it Feel Like Home when Moving to West Hollywood, CA

Each year thousands of families find themselves unable to move from one home directly to their new home. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Maybe your new house is not ready yet. Maybe your house sold faster than you thought it would. Maybe you are waiting for a loan to close. Maybe you are waiting for the school to finish before moving. If this happens to your family you will need to find temporary housing. Once you find your temporary housing how on earth do you know how to pack for that house? Prodigy Moving & Storage specializes in short-term moves. Many of our customers find themselves moving into temporary housing. We have some tips on how to pack for your temporary housing experience.

What is Included in Temporary Housing?

The first thing that you will want to do is find out what is included in your temporary housing. Many corporate or extended stay apartments come fully furnished. If you will be staying in a fully furnished house there may still be some things that you will want to bring with you in addition to your personal items. Everyone’s definition of fully furnished is a little bit different. Make sure that you stop and find out what fully furnished means. If your temporary housing is not fully furnished you will want to carefully evaluate what items you will need to bring with you and what you will want to put in storage. Packing and unpacking items that you do not actually need is not anything we recommend!

How Do You Pack for a Short Term Rental?

You will want to start packing what you will need while in your short term housing arrangement. Making a list of your wants and need is an excellent place to start. You will want to think about the following categories: clothing, toiletries, medications, electronic devices, books, linens, cooking utensils or appliances, important documents, and personal valuables. When you pack your clothing think about what the temperature of your temporary home will be. Will your stay take your through a change of seasons where additional clothing will be needed?

Inventory Items

Before you move into your temporary home you will want to make a list of what you are bringing with you into the home if you are moving into a furnished home. You do not want to mix your items with theirs. We recommend labeling everything that you bring in with you. If you are not moving into a furnished home you can clearly skip this step.

Is a Storage Unit Needed?

Before you move you will want to take care of any storage and mail needs that you have. You may need to rent a storage unit depending on your temporary housing situation. You will want to make sure that you forward your mail to the temporary house as well. Some people forget to forward their mail to the temporary house and send it right to their permanent home which leaves them without their mail while they are in their temporary housing.

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We wish you the best of luck as you make not just one move but two moves in your near future. Temporary housing can be tricky but with the proper planning we know that you can make it a smooth transition for you and your family. Do not forget to schedule Prodigy Moving & Storage for your move today!