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How to Prevent Physical Injuries when Lifting, Loading & Moving in Pico Rivera, CA

There is a lot of work that goes into moving from one place to the next. The stress of moving can be alleviated when you make plans in advance and hire a moving company. Often times people will choose to do the move all on their own and that can be a mistake. There are lots of work that goes into moving and some people end up with an injury trying to do it themselves. When you hire a moving company they are taught was is needed to move a household in a safe manner and to prevent injury from occurring while getting the items loaded in an efficient manner. Prodigy Moving & Storage lists ways to avoid being injured during your next move.

Gear & Supplies for Packing & Moving

The first part of moving your home and loading it into a truck is what gear you have. This means personal gear that you need to be wearing to protect yourself. There are several ways that you can be injured such as dropping something on your foot. That is why you need to be sure that you have steel toe boots to protect your feet from being smashed. If you don’t have the boots on you may end up breaking a bone if a large piece of furniture falls. You also want to have gloves and even a waste belt to support your back from all the lifting.

Proper Moving Equipment

When you are getting ready to move some people think that a few buddies will do the trick. Although having a few friends there to help the process is a great idea you want to be sure that you also have the right equipment. Some of the items that are being moved are large and heavy and other such as boxes are repetitive. You want to make sure that you have equipment such as furniture dolly’s, furniture glides and hydraulic lifts. This will help to prevent pulling your back or straining other muscles.

Where are Boxes & Furniture Being Loaded?

Using a moving truck is the way to go. That is because it has the space that is needed to load a whole house. The other benefit that you get is that it will have a ramp or lift so that you are not lifting heavy objects above your head or chest to load it on a pick up truck. The moving truck is needed also to help ensure that the house is packed in one load to get the move done in a faster way. You can bring out furniture and boxes and load them on the lift that will end up doing all the heavy lifting for you. It is a great way to help protect yourself.

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