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What is the Best Time of Year to Hire Movers to Move into a New House in Montebello, CA?

Not everyone has the luxury of focusing the moving date. Generally, people are too busy making the arrangements of the new home, selling the old one, finding the right movers, getting the household content downsized, and getting packed to make much thought in the moving date specifics, especially when it’s a long distance move. But with extensive research, experts have pinpointed the optimal season, months, part of the month and week and even the ideal time of the day to help make your moving day a little less stressful and save you time and money and we at Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to share it today.

Best Season & Month to Move to a House or Apartment

A reasonable window to move is from mid-to-late autumn, winter, and early spring. The months to book are from October through April. Moving companies are slow during this time and have more dates available for scheduling. Peak slow season is November through December, since no one wants to move during the holidays so you are likely to get the lowest cost. Keep in mind that May-September is when college students and families move so selecting a day during this time will be dictated by the moving company’s availability unless you book months in advance. Memorial Day through Labor Day, is the peak season of moving, with beginning and mid May and the rest of September can be just as stressful.

What Time of the Month Should You Move?

For the most part, there are 4 weeks in a month. The 1st and 4th week of the month are typically the busiest. The leases for homes and apartments expire during the last week of the month and the new leases start at the 1st week. As you can guess, transportation from the old place to the new place during this time is heavy. The 2 week in the middle is the ideal times to move if you have the luxury.

What is the Busiest Day for Movers?

With 7 days in the, the weekends are as you might have guessed, in the highest demand. Most adults have the weekend off and during the school year, kids are off of school. As a result, everyone has the same idea. Since there is a high demand, moving companies often have higher rates as well. Friday afternoons is a runner up to the busiest time of the week for people trying to get a jump start on the weekend. Monday-Thursday has a lower cost and fewer people are making a move due to school and work obligations.

Is it Better to Move in the Morning or Afternoon?

Professionals tend to prefer the early morning appointments for the cooler temperatures to make the loading and unloading of boxes and furniture a little easier. The pros are also high with energy at the start of the day where as by the afternoons they are spent. Between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. is specifically the optimal time frame where everyone is awake, alert, and have had breakfast. The rush hour has dwindled and traffic conditions are ideal by the time they are done loading up.

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Unless unforeseeable circumstances arise, such as weather or family issues arise, taking the time frame into account can help you schedule a very smooth moving day. When you look to schedule your next move call Prodigy Moving & Storage and talk to our specialists to learn about our service packages to help make your move a success.