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How to Unpack & Organize After Moving Without Overwhelming Stress to La Canada Flintridge, CA

Any time that you move there are so many different things to figure out. When you are moving, where you are moving, why you are moving, how you are moving. The list goes on and on and on. If you search online you can find all sorts of tips for helping you with these decisions. You can also find advice on how to pack your belongings. What you do not always find though is advice on how to go about unpacking your new home. We spend so much time thinking about everything else that we forgot to come up with a solid plan for how to make your new home look and feel like home. Making sure that you have a plan before you move can help moving into your new home go smoother.

Pack Moving Essentials Bag

When you first move into your home you will need some basic essentials to help you feel settled into your new home. As you are packing up your items to move pack an essentials bag for each family member. You will want to pack toiletries, snacks, medicine, and a few outfits in this bag. Then no matter what happens when you show up at your new home every member of your family will have the things that they need without having to dig through boxes to find it.

First Things to Unpack When Moving; Setting Up a New Kitchen

Once you arrive at your new home it can be overwhelming to know where to start unpacking. We recommend that you make a schedule of how you are going to unpack your home. Having a schedule and following it will help you not be as stressed as you go through the process. Most people opt to unpack their kitchen first. If you can eat without having to dig through your boxes you can keep your body nourished properly. Proper nutrition will help give you the energy that you need to keep the process of unpacking going. Before you start unpacking your kitchen you will want to make sure that you have all of your appliances in your kitchen and plugged in.

Unpack a House a Room at a Time

Before you start unpacking each room you will want to know how you want the room set up. Get all of the furniture in place before you start opening boxes. We recommend that when you start working on a room that you take all of the boxes for that room and empty them. Then move the boxes out of the room. This will make it so that you are not climbing on boxes as you are trying to unpack. Having all of your items dumped out of the boxes may seem like a crazy idea but you really should try it. It is easier to put things away when you can see everything that needs to find a home. This way you are not surprised by a mysterious box of shirts that pops up after you have already meticulously put away all of the clothes.

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No matter how you decide to go about unpacking your home we hope that it all goes smoothly. Prodigy Moving & Storage is here to help you in any way that you need. We can help you pack your boxes, load, move and unload your items as well as unpack your belongings. Just let us know what you need and we can get you on your schedule.