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Moving to a New Apartment Checklist in Arcadia, CA; Access, Need to Move Boxes Up Stairs & More

When you are ready to move out on your own most people start with an apartment. This is a great way to start out on your own and start to learn more about how to live. An apartment has many benefits in the way you can avoid having to take care of a yard and other maintenance issues. You can also enjoy some of the shared amenities that you might not be able to afford on your own. Lastly you have your own space that you can enjoy and people near that you can get to know and gain some new friends. Moving into a new apartment has some challenges and you want to be prepared and talk with your moving company in advance. Prodigy Moving & Storage outlines what you need to know about moving into an apartment.

Movers Access to Apartment

When you are moving into a new house you can pull the big truck up to the home and start to unload. The problem that you have with an apartment is that you do not always have direct access to the entry of your space. This can be a challenge when you are trying to move your things in to the apartment. The access to the new space can be hard to get to and you want to see the best access for the movers to use. They will need to know where they can go to move your larger pieces of furniture.

Elevator or Need to Move Boxes Up Stairs

The other piece of information that you want to know is what level your apartment is. Most apartments have more than one level and if you happen to have an apartment on the second or third floor; that means you need to be able to get to the other levels. You want to talk to your management company and find out if there are stairs only or if they have an elevator. Some have an elevator for commercial use and will allow you to use it to move your boxes up. You want to make sure you know what is available to you so that the movers know what options they have.

Parking Arrangements for Moving Truck

The other part of moving into your new apartment is that the parking is usually limited and the other tenants will be using the space as well. You are likely only assigned a single parking space that you cannot use if you are bringing in a truck to move your things. You may need to call in advance and ask the apartment for special permit to allow your truck to park while you are moving your things. They can make arrangements to give access to the truck and make sure that people are out of the spaces. This will ensure that you do not make any of your new neighbors mad on the first day.

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